Some Cops Have Good Days Too

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    Philadelphia transit officer helps deliver special Christmas present — a baby girl

    Article Date: Thursday, December 27, 2007
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Transit officer Steven Rocher got up before dawn on Christmas to deliver a few more presents to his mother's house. He ended up delivering a very special gift indeed.

    Rocher, 51, a police sergeant with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, was driving through North Philadelphia on Tuesday when he heard a woman scream.

    The woman was lying on the sidewalk near a bus stop, about to give birth, and he saw a man tugging at her clothes.

    "As I got closer, he says to me, 'Help me, please!'" Rocher said.

    Rocher, a transit officer for two decades, said employees get annual CPR training "but nothing about delivering babies."

    Still, he managed to figure it out.

    "When I heard the baby crying, I felt a sense of comfort because I knew the baby was OK," he said.

    Moments later, Rocher got back in his car and flagged down a colleague.

    "I said, 'Call radio, tell them we need rescue. I got a baby being born!'" said Rocher, who has three sons, ages 17, 21 and 27.

    The rescue car took the baby girl and her parents to Temple University Hospital.

    "I will remember this Christmas when I retire for a long time," Rocher said.

  2. Awesome stuff! Great Post Shooter!
  3. This may be a stupid question but I am from an area where I do not hear this so........ what is a transit cop? I visualize a police officer that does nothing but patrol the subways or something...... anybody want to set me on the right track?

    Whatever he patrols, I am sure he would much rather help bring someone in this world than take someone out of it. Good for him!
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    Transit/Transportation police... basicly they are (in SC) the ones who deal with truckers. Wither they are too heavy, faulty equipment, not certified to drive, or failure to weigh in... they also pull over speeding 18 wheelers and such...

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    I believe their idea of transit cop is the ones who are on the subways ect.
  6. Great story! A Merry Christmas for all.