Some day, he'll do it again...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. SWAGA

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    Maybe he's lost it a little after his divorce (?) and everything else.


    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    next time will be bad for him....and the other guy.
  3. Rerun

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    Zimmerman needs a change of venue - to a different state.

  4. Bull

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    I'd say at least two time zones worth....
  5. bluharley

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    Alaska would be a good place for him.
  6. Hermitt

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    Why ruin a perfectly great state? Send him to Kommiefornia instead..... :p
  7. bluharley

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    I watch "Alaska State Troopers" and they say a lot of people go there to hide, so I just thought....but ok, Kommiefornia will do.;)
  8. sdbrit68

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    As someone stuck in commiefornia.........we got enough freaking problems, starting with the governor of the place, let New York have him
  9. bluharley

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    Maybe Detroit or Chicago, he would have a blast.
  10. I'd say the one to relocate should be the guy looking for attention by making accusations against Zimmerman. If this actually happened why'd he refuse to press charges?
  11. Rachgier

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    Our governor sucks balls too. You (Cali) like illegal immigrants out there so why not take GZ and let him run the neighborhood watch in one of their communities?
  12. Notoriety can cause bad behavior, it can also cause wild stories...

    Zimmerman reports bother me about as much as the make believe monsters.
  13. bluharley

    bluharley Member

    I agree that he is a target for made up stories. Just about every brother out there thinks he got away with murder (I do too), but I also think not all these stories are made up, and I think he is a loose cannon that's going to go boom someday.
  14. I don't, people forget:

    1) The so called 'sweet young boy' wasn't...
    2) The officer who interviewed Zimmerman felt that he was being truthful.
    3) Zimmerman's injuries were consistent with his story.
  15. As opposed to the two cases of police officers going boom, which are becoming more and more clear that one acted out of anger, and the other out of poor training and jitters.

    And I am not anti police, I was one. I am pro citizen though, always have been. Zimmerman is a citizen not a criminal. Though many wish he was and their bias clearly controls their logic, or lack of. The truth is that police have become far more aggressive and there it is more likely that a cop will point a gun at you before Zimmerman does.

    I have had guns pointed at me by stupid cops three times. Two times while I was a cop, one by a cop who thought it was funny, it happens a lot. Another by a cop angry and could not control his temper. The third instance was by a Florida State Trooper who had the jitters.

    First cop got reported, second cop got the urine slapped out of him, third cop apologized. And this was ALL before 9/11 when cops were elevated to God like status. Not that I have anything against that, but do have problems with abuse that is not punished.

    Sorry to get off topic, but we have a lot more to worry about than Zimmerman, he is a side show. I am sure when he does actually do something wrong the state will pounce on him, so for now he just does not rise to the level of fear.
  16. bluharley

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    If he had not put himself in the situation, it would never have happened. He went looking for a fight, and when he was getting his ass kicked, he killed the guy. He should never have approached the guy in the first place. I could go pick a fight very easily, and when I start losing the fight I picked, I don't have the right to kill. JMO. I think he should be in prison, and I think he thinks he can kill with impunity, he's dangerous.
  17. You have a video?
  18. Typical left wing crap. That's like blaming a rape victim or battered spouse for what happened because 'they put themselves in that situation'.
  19. bluharley

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    no, I don't need a video. The police told him over the phone, right then and there, to stay in his car. He ignored police instructions, and went after the guy. That kid was a punk, but Zimmerman should not have been chasing him. To me, that's murder. If you are going to put yourself in a position where you may need to use deadly force when you don't have to be there, and shouldn't be there, to me that's just looking to kill someone, and that's premeditated murder.