some EMP info

Discussion in 'Survival Zone' started by elguapo, Oct 18, 2007.

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    Thanks for the link to the website. Interesting stuff on there.
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    Peace favor your sword,
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    Why bump now? You got some inside information on current events leading you to think this may be important information in the next few weeks? Maybe Flyboy has been spilling the contents of some intercepts in traffic from around the Ukraine?:eek:

    After further consideration, I guess I'll go re-read that site.;)
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    maybe he's rallying for a new forum subsection...."The Tinfoil Hats".
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    I ran across the thread while migrating threads out of the Vintage Topic Archive (Sept) forum.

    It reminded me of how so many people are concerned over North Korea's nuclear ambitions and how most "experts" now believe that the real threat to us from newly nuclear rogue states such as PRK is a NEMP and what it could do to U.S. infrastructure rather than military assets.

    Peace favor your sword,