Some Good Hi-Point Information.

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  1. Until this board gets all its info back, the following site has some links to a lot of Hi Point information...

    I made the web page, but I assure you I'm not competing with this forum whatsoever, just enthusiastic about Hi-Point firearms. If the moderators find the link inappropriate and wish to remove it, I will not be offended.

  2. I cant see where it would be innapropiate, you are not trying to steal members or anything

    Thanks for the link!
  3. I am a Hi-Point fan

    I believe in solid affordable firearms, especially for those who cannot afford expensive guns. Hi-Point is the best of the inexpensive guns. This forum happens to be one of the better internet gun forums, and I read a lot of them! I'm proud to be here.
  4. I have visited the mouseguns site many times and found much useful information there. I can't see how there would be any competition. Rather, I think the information complements the value-mindedness of the posters here.

    BTW, thanks for making 'mouseguns' available.
  5. I enjoyed the mouse guns site well worth the time to look around in it.
    Ditto "Thanks for putting the information together."
  6. I think it's totally appropriate and valuable, but maybe it should be in the Links to Other Websites section. Mods?

    And, yes, mouseguns is great.
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    I will bring it up.
    And, thanks, GW, for the page.
  8. Thanks for the thanks

    My pleasure to make the info page. I believe the Hi-Point pistols and carbines to be the very finest of the very affordable firearms available. Hi-Point has made armed self-defense possible for everyone, even those of limited means.
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    Great site! I can't get enough of these great sites. When I started police work in 1974 we had to look up registration and drivers info from weekly issued bound books like a computer print-out. I didn't see a PC until 1986 when we got our first 10MG stand alone computer right out of the box. I wish we had today's technology back when I started. Well enough of that nostalgia, and GW you did us a great favor by setting up the mouseguns site together,

  10. That's not an inappropriate post by any means. The more information we can find on Hi-Point firearms, the better. The internet is all about sharing information.

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    Just wondering if someone could explain to me how to adjust the Feed Lips on my C9 mag, and how to polish the Feed Ramp on the same gun. I read that this would with minor jam problems and FTE problems. Thanx for any help I can get on this issue.
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    I love my hp 45
  13. elmo

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    Tweaking the C9 magazine

    These are some good questions IMO and I also would like to have some info on those issues.

    Thanks for posting,

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    Good Job! A lot of info.
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    Very nice site! Lots of good info. Thank you.