Some hippie must've pawned it for a bong or something, w/PIC

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    When I was off on my day off running errands and art supplies, I stopped into the one of two pawn shops up here to see what they had going. I was originally looking for a cheap airbrush kit and a grinder, but came across something far more interesting....

    A Hi-Point .40 S&W!!!! In Flagstaff!

    Don't have pictures yet since I had to put it on layaway in order to get my cash situation in order, since I wasn't expecting on buying a new gun. It's flawless, and looks like it was fired MAYBE 100 time! Only one mag and no case, but at the price point I couldn't argue: $115!!!!!

    Now you can see why I couldn't pass it up. If all goes well today I'll have pics up of it by tonight.
  2. that is a sweet deal man way to go

  3. wahoo! be sure to send some pics to your old vespa group - not doubt they'd appreciate such a "classic" find!
  4. Yeah, add some gun pron! Pics!
  5. Really great find Neo, and Im curious, what is your trouble with hippies? My hair was below my shoulders and close to my rear end up until just a couple of years ago

    Is it perhaps that liberals have to have someone to pick on too? ;)
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    It's this town man! Since I've been here I've been subjected to:
    -"Smoke-In" with dozens of people sitting in on various city buildings smoking pot until they get dragged out by the cops.
    -My car being "attacked ever 3 to 4 days with several bumper stickers on the paint and winshield that say "EARTH KILLER". If you drive an SUV up here, you will spend several hours a week peeling these things off your car trying to not damage the paint
    -A standing protest every DAY against the "Slaughter In Iraq". Now I'm against the war but c'mon...they're protesting TO the protesters!
    -The use of kindergarten kids to hold picket signs to protest ANY new building construction calling. Signs like "Like to anal rape the Earth?"...that's just special.
    -The largest "head" shop and it's owner is on the board of merchants as the PRESIDENT!
    -There is actually a petition on the ballot for the upcomming election this year to ban gun RACKS..not cars on public streets.
    -Random, loud "Drum Circles" with tons of drums, digeridos and drug sales are welcomed on every street corner, but my local punk bar (The Mad Italian) has been shut down 3 times this month for "noise violations".
    -The printing of a listing of the "Villians of peace": Shops and industries in the Flagstaff area that are harmful to the "cosmic balance of humanity". These places include the local Steel Mill, all logging industries, gun shops, motorcycle and ATV shops, most auto dealerships (except the Subaru dealer ironically), and 3 of the punk bars and one Irish pub up here. They print the addresses of the venue, numbers and "greviances" along with pictures of both inside and outside of the buisness.

    Now, there is a HUGE difference between a liberal and a Hippie. This is why I was shocked to find a used hi-point up here.
  7. Ok, I can see your point :) As an ex hippy, I think I would tend to put them under the FRIGGING NUTJOBS catagory though. LOL

    Thank god I am down here with the rednecks. They are not that bad to deal with as long as you know what to do and not do.
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    Nice find Neo. I would move by the way.
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    Well, had it out with the girl (longstanding fights don't help when you throw a new gun purchase into the mix), but I won.

    Amazing what $130 buys you:



    The few first impressions:

    -DAMN this is a BIG gun! I originally bought it considering the price of all firearms are going up, and Hi-Points, as we all know, are becoming the sleeper hit of '08. But man is this an imposing gun! The .40 S&W already has a great rep as a "stopper" round and should do well as a home defence gun.

    -This has very little use. Heck the barrel plug was still in the original box, and the magazine spring is still rather stiff.

    -Pawn shops up here are creepy affairs. Most in cities like LA and Phoenix are straightforward: They think you're a crook, and you know they're crooks. Here, it's all sorts of frontier trading post when you do find the legit arms dealers. I spent 40 mintues total filling out the papers and Federal check, but half of that was trying to explain why I'd actually want this gun. I had three people in the shop try to talk me out of buying it and buying a Llama that was in the case at nearly twice the price. I told them that I hear they're fine .45's, but I'm happy with the Hi-Point. I'm sure they think I was on something.

    But I don't care :D
  10. Scriz

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    Make-up sex is the greatest. You should start out by looking at your gun pron. :D

    Nice ammo box btw, where'd you get it? I'm looking for one.
  11. Scriz

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    Make-up sex is the greatest. You should start out by looking at your gun pron. :D
  12. neothespian

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    Found it buried in the corner of the gunshop. Got it for $5 extra. This totals to ammo can #3 for me. Trying to grab as many as I can before the metal ones become scarce due to the NATO and US switchover to polymer boxes.
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    Oh, i see, the od green ammo box... i thought Scriz was being a smarta$$ to you neo (like we all are) and talking about the Winchester box... :) I've got to be more observant.
  14. neothespian

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    Now, my only question is what holster works with this .40?? I'll probably go with a thigh or belt holster since there is no practical way to carry this thing concealed. A shoulder rig might be nice too....come to think of it....
  15. Scriz

    Scriz Guest has "ammo cans" ranging from 5 bucks to 30 for a lot of 6. Have at it. Theres an army navy surplus store pretty close to where I'm at. Gonna see if they have any tomorrow.
  16. Yeah, no drinking cherry slushies while wearing long hair :lol:
  17. I get the same thing here in Dallas. The few local Hi-point dealer either don't have a 40 or want too much for it because "there becoming hard to come by". The last one I looked at they wanted $250 for it!
    I've been making the pawn shops and looking for a 40 or a 45 and they all say "those guns are crap" and try to sell me something else. I was at one yesterday and they had a 380 I almost bought, the guy talked me out of it. I told him I was going to buy it but now he lost a sale completely and a customer too. He said the Tauras 111 he had was a much better gun and I lifted my shirt and showed him mine. He wanted $450 for it used!
    He said "you can't carry that gun in here" to which I replied "what if I wanted to pawn it would you stop by the house and pick it up?"
    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer...
  18. Scriz

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    Yeah, pawn shops around here are the same way. I walked into my local big chain pawn shop and asked for a price match on the hi-point c9. (The marine exchange had it for 130, his price was 214.99.) He said, "We don't even get them for 130, we get them for around 150." I said to him, "You must not have Ellett Brothers as your distributor then."

    Well, he then went to ask me why I was buying a Hi-Point since "I was a Marine and should know better." I swiftly corrected him, that I would NEVER be a Marine and I'm a sailor. Then he went to offer me a Jennings 9MM for $100 out the door, and I laughed.

    Then I bought my 11 dollar gun case (which I found for 7 bucks at the other gun shop afterwards).

    Blah, pawn shops suck :p
  19. neothespian

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    Well, up here they seem to work on a seasonal pattern. During the summer it's slow for them, but they seem to get real busy during the begining of the 2nd semester at the local University (When students get shiny new toys from mommy and daddy), around winter for tools when it's too cold to build and labourers are laid off, before Christmas (of course), and at the end of the second semester when the students are leaving and the university lays off 70% of it's workforce for the summer.

    It's just a matter of timing I suppose. I just lucked out I think. Their Taurus arms and Glocks were about $450/each and $550-600/each respectively, and all used of course. Seems VERY high to me, but they were also selling non-matching sloppy post-1950 M44's for $129 with no slings, pouches or toolkits.