Some idiots won't last long

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  1. At the range yesterday inside an hour had TWO idiots walk into the range with un-covered long guns. One of them had it semi-pointed in front of him the way he was carrying it. Pretty much everyone there started moving towards their holsters, and boy did he get a stern talking to. GET A FREAKING CASE. Geez. Some people don't last too long. Asking why he didn't even have a box the intelligent response was "I, uh, got it from this dude, like, and he didn't sorta have it or something." *sigh*. I don't know about ya'll, but he's darn lucky his finger wasn't inside the trigger guard... in that case he'd get one warning to put it down before getting dropped (if someone else didn't do it first). Some people...

    /rant off.
  2. Most people I know don't case thier long guns to take them to the range, so it must be a local thing.

    Then again, where I live, all the ranges are unsupervised, and are very seldom crowded.

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    I rarely case longuns when going to the range. However, if carrying ANY weapon in your hand, the barrel should remain pointed in a safe direction at all times. You just keep a rifle on your shoulder so the barrel points straight up, it doesnt take much common sense. It is a matter of firearms etiquitte, which unfortuntely alot of people are not taught any more.
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    Hmmm...Interesting post.

    I can't say that I have ever gone to the range with my rifles cased. Come to think of it, I have seen very few people actually do it.

    So I must say that having to enter the range with a cased gun a local thing.
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    yeah I carry long guns in a guitar case to avoid mean looks. Seriously people look at you like you are a criminal when you carry a gun case! Please people! As for pistols I have only one hard case and often bring more than one gun to the range. That is where the back pack comes in handy.
  7. When I go to the range with any weapon, it's cased, Period. This guy was asking for trouble not having it in a case, and being "semi-pointed" out in front of him. muzzle control is your responsibility 100% of the time the weapon is in your hands. Even when it's in a case, I personally try to keep the barrel end pointed away from where people are standing.
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  9. This is in inner-city St. Louis, don't forget. They had to carry it in the parking lot that way too; no matter where you live, carrying a long gun in the open is asking for trouble.
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    since i shoot in my back yard i dont have to case it but when i do go to a public range my stuff is always cased.
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    the indoor range i been going ot requires all guns to be cased.. not sure if it's enforced though cause it's a pretty casual place long as no ones being "to unsafe"

    i have 2 rifle hard case, 1 soft case
    4 pistol hard case, well 5 if you count my berettas factory case which is crap.. be better off with a heavy duty cardboard box.

    i should probably buy more but that start to take up a lot of room and i dont store the guns in them.

    i dont think my first reaction would have been pull the gun and demand he get on the ground.. i mean i was'nt there but you kinda expect people with guns to show up at a range/shop.

    "sorry officer he just showed up holding a rifle.. i was in fear for my life."

    i know it has and probably will happen again but anyone who tries to rob or shoot up a gun range / shop is an absolute fool
  13. When I said "semi-pointed" I didn't mean holding it by the barrel; I mean he was holding it like he was ready to fire it (hand on the pistol grip, other hand on the stock), pointed semi-downwards. Tell me you're not going to be just a hair jumpy if someone comes at you with a gun aimed a foot or two away from you, looking like he's ready to let loose.
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    well i did also say i was'nt there.

    ya i suppose might make me a bit jumpy. i guess i'd have to have been there though.

    should have carried it barrel up or barrel straight down.. or best yet on a sling.
  15. the range i go to is a rednecky place!! its got farm equipment all around and the backdrop is simply a bunch of dirt the owner bulldozed into a pile. show up there anyway you like. the gunshop is only 20 or so feet away. i love it.
  16. I mean, I've seen people casually walking around gun stores all the time, but when you have someone walking in, looking around like he's scoping the place, mag in the weapon, aggressive posture, etc... I actually had my back to him when he came in, but when I saw everyone else tense up, that's when I went from "green" mode to "yellow" mode.

    Clarification to above: I wasn't getting myself ready to draw down, but I saw a few people looking like they were getting ready. Back home we had a gun shop robbed... from what I can determine, the dude's mindset was he could rob the place with his SNS and get some really nice guns... the thought of being shot didn't cross his mind obviously.
  17. I prefer to take everything cased. The first time I went to the range with my 995, I had not yet found a good case, and so carried it on my back with the sling over my shoulder. No reason to look like either a suspicious character or a moron.

    Now that I have a case, even though I haven't yet found a good one :D , I go cased.
  18. did I miss something here? I guess I look like I`m pretty ready to start shooting when I get to the range too, cause I am. I have never felt theartened by another shooter at the range. other than a few times we were teaching a beginner to shoot. and then just because they didnt know what was what. I never let a beginner handle a gun until they have a working knowadge of what they are doing. So I wouldnt feel threatened if some guy came in with a gun in his hands and it wasnt aimed at me or someone else. sorry
  19. Well, to each his own. Unless you have a CCW/CHP you're not allowed to have a weapon uncased, and all firearms (with the exception of carry pieces)must be unloaded.
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