Some impressive rifles based on the M 16 frame

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  1. I didn't know they made an AR-50AE....

  2. These are working prototypes or limited run weapons this guy makes. He used to make a living modifying AR rifles but found that there are more customers for his type skills in the saiga shotguns.

    He is even legal to modify weapons to full auto.

    Very skilled man.
  3. Reason I said that about the .50 AE is that would be a NIIIIIICE addition to my collection and I wouldn't have to buy any new ammo for it as I already stock it for my Desert Eagle. I wonder how much those rifles run.... *as he muses to himself how he could justify it to the wife.... and how long it would take his wife to shoot him with it when he brings it home.... :shock:*
  4. He made at least one of the AR . 50 AE's select fire. There is a pic out there that has the rifle with 4 .50 casings in the air comming out of the rifle and in the air at the same time.

    I am very impressed with his work and his imagination as far as going out of the box.
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    The Deagle is not the same round as Ar .50. Ever fire a M2.

    You would not be able to wrap your hand around a grip filled with .50 BMG rounds.
  6. You didn't check out all the pictures then Thay....

    There is a pic of an AR chambered in .50AE the same round as my Desert Eagle is chambered in. Check it out.
  7. I saw in another forum where someone said an upper was around 900. Didnt notice a date on the post though,

    You can email him and ask, worse that he can say is that he doesnt do them anymore. I have talked to him twice ordering parts for my s12, nice guy.

    EDIT the 860 was for a .44 conversion, and these forum postings are fairly old

    He is still in business though, and may do special orders.
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    This was the only 50 I saw. Under the Siamese twin.

    :arrow: 50BMG

    This Beotch tosses the largest lead the civilians are allowed to toss. It sits on top of you shoulder like a LAWS Rocket... Basically our " Over the Shoulder Boulder Thrower ! "
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    Thank you mike<

    Now I see it.

    and Have a one man tent.

    I need to quit lookin at the links some of you guy's post.

    I could go broke if I wasn't able to stop the impulse buy temptations.
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  12. Hell, you should have bought that for me for Christmas!!!! I'll even drive to OK to get it! :shock: :evil:
  13. Primal I thought about you when I saw it. I wish I had a camera with me so I could have taken some pics of it.
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    Local shop tried to sell me the one they had...they were closing down and trying to clear out their stock....still had prices too high, though...and when I told them I could get something cheaper elsewhere, they said fine, to go there then...

    They were supposed to close back at the beginning of October, but their site is still up and has their specials for this month on it...
  15. I can see where prices for the saiga shotguns may go up.

    They are getting out into the shooting competiton world and kicking the other shotguns butts.

    That means more people will be buying them to use them for competitions which means more exposure for the weapon thus more probable sales.

    I payed 475 for my stock plain jane S12, and do not regret it a bit. I got my moneys worth because it is a shooting machine. Got the AK simplicity and reliability.

    I would not miss out buying one trying to talk a gunshop down from 450 to 350.
  16. I paid 440 for mine and have zero regrets also.

    I actually saw a Saiga 12 at the fun show this past weekend for 400 out the door (private sale) and I almost bought it just because. Not because I need one, but dang. 2 Saiga 12s. :)
  17. Hmmmm...... Let me turn the sofa over and see how much change is underneath it...... :(