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  1. here's some stuff i dug up from the old forum, mod's feel free to edit and repost if if you want.

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    Here is the list of items for your FAK's and your BOB's. I was finally able to get my dad to sit down and make a list of what he uses in his FAK's at home, and some of what he used as a Combat Medical Specialist in the ANG. Hope some of this helps you guys.


    First of all, let's just say that you need to determine the knowledge and expertise of the user. Having sutures and NOT knowing how to use them effectively is useless, right? So, going from there the next question is how far does one wish to go with the outfitting of an emergency medical bag? There are new items out on the market and more coming out all the time. Like for instance, liquid sutures. Great product. Coagulant blood powder to stop bleeding, which I have used on myself. It works.

    1. Band-aids...all sizes.
    2. 2x2 gauze pads
    3. 4x4 gauze pads
    4. Tourniquet
    5. Steri-strips (Also known as butterfly's)
    6. Scissors
    7. Sam System (For Splinting) Two 3/4-1" wooden dowels also work fine as well as a small tree limb...
    8. Cavats (For making slings and for splinting)
    9. Double or triple antibiotic cream
    10. Kerlex bandages (Kotex will do, Maxi Pads AND tampons)
    11. Eye drops
    12. Sterile Opthamalic Eye Ointment (Prescription Needed)
    13. Disposable ice packs.
    14. Aspirin
    15. Tylenol
    16. Ibuprofen, 200 mg or higher.
    17. Rolled gauze.
    18. Surgical Tape.
    19. Ben Gay.
    20. KY Jelly. (NO LAUGHING!) (you would be surprised what this stuff is good for other than the obvious)
    21.Water purification tablets. Dry Calcium Hypochlorite from a pool store works well. Search the net to learn out to use it.
    22.If room permits, add a couple of MRE's.
    23.Small caliber hand gun with ammo in separate zip lock bag. I'm talking small here...NOT A DESERT EAGLE!

    Brentt...This is NOT Army nomenclature. This is out of my head. I have three complete kits now. One that you know of in the tackle box and two almost identical ones in camo bags given out after the storm. Knowing a Doctor can be a plus to write some scripts for things not sold over the counter. BUT, as said above...Knowing how to apply this is the key.

    If you want pics please let me know.

    Ssgt Dad


    Filtering water
    Shooter z this site also gives you some more ways to filter water. I use the film canister filter I have tried it and it works very good

    Check THESE out:

    Here's a bit of their "history":

    There's MORE on THESE pages:

    that's all i could dig up before google's filter kicked me off thinking i was a spyware bot searching forums for email addys. i'll look more later
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