Some new b-day accessories from my wife

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  1. IDMTfirefighter

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    Gave my wife a b-day wish list...

    She picked out a very nice CCOP universal mount bipod for my Mossberg Plinkster. This is a very nice bipod for a very reasonable price. Well constructed and nice quality.

    She also picked out a new conceal carry ankle holster for my Cobra Denali .380. This is an excellent pull on neoprene ankle holster. Has top retention strap and lower zipper to facilitate donning. Also has an extra magazine pouch. The only draw back is you have to plan for this holster as it does not have the traditional wrap around Velcro for easy on you need to plan to wear this for the day basically as you have to remove your shoes/boots to remove it. Otherwise very comfortable holster that allows for tight pistol retention coupled with smooth, no hang up, draw.

    Both were e-bay purchases

    Also got some new Mopar and Fire Department t-shirts/ballcaps...good b-day for an old man who turned 52.

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  2. Browning 9 Guy

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    Your wife is a true sweetie! My b-day gifts amount to a box of ammo or two, usually 22LR, from my other half. She likes shooting and I love her heart for it!
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  3. moona11

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    Looks hot to wear. Hope not. I've worn several over the years. Always seemed hot and sweaty. Not really uncomfortable to wear after you get used to it hanging there just hot.
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  4. greg_r

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    The wife normally just gives me cash and tells me to go and buy something.

    The conversation with her friends I imagine go something like this.

    What did you get your hubby for his birthday?

    I just gave him $100 and told him to go pick something out. He went and got himself a Ruger LCPII and a fitted holster.
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  5. IDMTfirefighter

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    wear a calf length sock under it removes the sweatiness
  6. moona11

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    Tried it still made me sweat.
  7. histed

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    That bipod clamps on the barrel. Notice any change in point of impact, accuracy....? Should work on my groundhog rifle - just wondering what the pressure on the barrel does.