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    Today we started offering our new LongShot 10" long Low-Profile Top Rail for 9mm carbines with ATI stock conversions. These have just been listed on Ebay and will be added to our website in the next 2 days. They will also be up and available on Amazon, too. You will be able to see some pics here in the PHOTOS listing for new LongShot items.

    We are now also going to start offering our own oversize MAG Release Buttons. Our mag button design is a much simpler design and is very easy to install. Buttons have a .700" diameter and will be available in both Black anodized and, brushed aluminum finishes. Our company cross-hairs logo will be engraved on the button surface, too. We are also going to offer the black anodized buttons with customer choice of having the logo engraved AFTER anodizing so that the cross-hairs are silver. Total selling price for our mag buttons will be $19.00 each. Shipping via First Class Mail to anywhere in the US is free. Installation is simple and these mag buttons utilize a supplied o-ring to keep them in place. No modification to the gun or factory release pin is necessary. Complete instructions will be included with each purchase. We will be accepting orders for our mag buttons starting in the next 2 days when they are added to our website.

    We are ALSO going to introduce our new "Shorty" barrel shroud for users that want to use a factory muzzle break AND retain the front iron sights. They're short, they look great (like all of our stuff) and they dress up the front of the gun and hide that skinny area where the barrel shows.

    And finally, there have been SO MANY of you guys that have been asking for an adapter plate that will allow you properly install the factory rear iron sights on our LongShot top rails. Well, we now have make them and, they will be available for purchase as of this weekend. Selling price will be around $22.00 each for these new adapter plates. As usual, shipping is free when purchased directly from our website.
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    Cool. I've seen a few recent threads of people asking about this idea.

    Will these work on the 995 "Classic" monkey gun too?

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    yes, they will. The only carbine model I am not sure of yet is the new 3895TS. As soon as we get one we make sure that we also have accessories that fit and work on that one, too.