Some Of My Guns...

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  1. ...might be f*cked.
    I turned them all over to my Dad before I left for England for safekeeping. And he reported to me that several are rusting.
    I had left with the agreement that he would maintain them. He forgot and has left them all year down in the basement untouched and uncared for.
    He's gonna hit 'em with all he's got, see if he can't get them back up to par, but it's a sad day. :p
  2. Use 'em or loose 'em

  3. FlashBang

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    Might as well just trash them now.... give me the address and I'll take care of picking them up and destroying them for you. :cool:
  4. Bull

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    Ahhhhhh, FB is in the Air Force.... You know they weren't that clean in the first place...... (Ducks quickly)...
  5. lklawson

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    Where's he at? I'm sure some of us, if near by, would be willing to help a friend out with cleaning.

    Peace favor your sword,
  6. Dagwood

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    A little surface rust can be managed. Should be fine. I'm lucky, the climate out here is so dry, we don't have to worry about that too much.
  7. Minnesota, near Plymouth.
  8. Bull

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    Id bet really fine steel wool soaked with rem oil, and a slow easy hand, and they're good as they were.
  9. SteveC

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    At least he told you now so you can maybe get something done, instead of coming back to a really unpleasant surprise.
  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    They'll be fine, a little rust won't hurt most guns very much.

    Should clean up fine, if they need some extra scrubbing, try Big .45 Frontier Metal cleaner, it did well on some pitting on some guns I found for cheap.

    BTW...the guns in my man cave, no humidity control, nothing special on them, sit for a rust.

    Just so you know.;)
  11. MXGreg

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    If your dad doesn't know what he's doing, I wouldn't have him using anything like steel wool on your firearms. Just have him oil the sh!t out of them and bag them. Then when you get home you can clean them and determine what, if any, damage has been done.

    Minnesota can be tough on firearms. Tropical heat and humidity in the summer, and drier than a popcorn fart in the winter. In this state there is no such thing as a dry basement.
  12. papataylor

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    Brass wool does wonders and won't hurt bluing

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  13. Think1st

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    A few years ago, I took my brother's Remington 870 home to do some upgrades on it for his birthday, and he had left it in the garage for years without ever having done any maintenance on it. The damn thing had a brownish tinge in several places, including inside the bore. After I removed the old furniture to install the new stuff, I wiped it down with several rags and liberal amounts of Rem Oil. It looked like new when I got done with it.

    Yours will recover just as well. I know that it hurts to think of your weapons succumbing to the effects of neglect without you being able to do anything about it, but take heart in the knowledge that they won't suffer any permanent harm. You can rest easy knowing that many other people's weapons have suffered from neglect, besides yours, and they all easily returned to good form with only a little elbow grease.
  14. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    I wasn't advocating scrubbing vigorously with a chunk of metal shavings..... I've used the really fine steel wool and oil on two of my dads guns when I got them..... They'd been in a MO basement for three or four years..... I was very careful & slow.... Didn't damage the bluing on my glenfield 60 at all..... But I bet the brass steel wool Papa mentioned is even better.
  15. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yep. That stuff I mentioned is "aluminum wool" but the stuff is not as fine as the others, doesn't wear out too fast.
  16. FlashBang

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    Should have dunked them into cosmoline before you left. :D
  17. The basement at my parents house is furnished, but very humid and warm. It's right next to the laundry room as well, which has exposed pipes, so it increases the humidity and heat, along with the shower down there that my brother uses after his workouts. During the summer, it's not unusual to go down there and have the walls beading up and condensation running down the windows; any cold metal gets the same thing. It wasn't up to me where he kept them; I put them down there when I dropped them off, but that was just because I was unloading the car and it was the closest room, though if I knew he was going to keep them down there permanently I probably would have gotten him to put them in his garage or up in the den.
    I told him as long as the Colt and Henry were okay, to de-rust the others as best he could. He's been an expert on al things mechanical his whole life, so I don't have any doubt he can get the rust off, my problem is storage. We are an open storage family; no kids running around, the youngest in the house is 13, and that's the dog. Just my Dad and Mom and sometimes my brother when he's home from college. He keeps HIS guns upstairs, usually displayed on a rack. Upstairs is less humid and generally relatively temperature controlled (no central air, but a few single-room ACs and good insulation). I think that when it comes to him, even though his Dad was a sniper and he grew up around guns, he never gave them much thought. Up until I moved out of the house, he only ever had one gun at a time; he had a single shot breech shotgun until '01, at which point he sold that and got a Mossberg 500. He only ever had that until I moved out of the house, and a few years after that he bought a .44 Mag Marlin lever action from a neighbor.
    We never shot much; he took us out maybe once or twice total our entire childhoods to shoot. He had no problems with guns at all, he was and is a steadfast 2A supporter, but the combination of a wife (my Mom) who didn't want guns around and two firecrackers for kids deterred him from getting anything other than something for basic home defense. Guns didn't really enter the scene until I got back from Japan. To be honest, it's a big bonding point for us; I think with my brother moving out and having a son who loved guns, he wanted to maintain a constant thing between us so that we'd always have something to fall back on even when we didn't have anything else to talk about.
    But he also is big on personal property; they're my guns and he never does anything with them unless I give him the go-ahead. I gave it to him carte blanche when I left, but he didn't doesn't like the idea of touching someone else's stuff without telling them. So it's very easy for him to let something sit for a year or more before he does anything with it. Hell, he only checked the guns because he accidentally knocked one off the rack and wanted to make sure it didn't break.
  18. He's an ironworker by trade, currently a maintenance manager at a hotel and used to work in body shops, metal shops, and construction companies; he's built cars from scratch with his own two hands and has never hired an outside contractor or anything in his life, whether it was for roofing, siding, plumbing, etc. did it all himself. So he knows what he's doing, he just doesn't like messing with other people's things, so they tend to sit for very long periods without checking them.

    And don't I know it; I laugh every time there's snow days in other states; it flurried the other day and dropped less than an inch of snow, and the base closed the schools. I thought there was an actual problem for a second.
  19. MaryB

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    Yeah I needed something form town today and went. 2 inches of snow, 17 degrees and freezing drizzle coming down... no problem, no accidents except one teenager who passed me on a corner and slid up into the ditch when he came back in front of me. I saw him losing it and backed off the throttle slowly. He spun it around a couple times in the field then came up a field approach and kept on going.
  20. lklawson

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    Feh. I'm nowhere near. :(

    Peace favor your sword,