Some of my latest aquisitions

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  1. I've purchased more Mosins. My wife won't speak to me. And my dog is scared of me. Oh well. Add'em to the list.
    Here are my 2 newest Mosins, A 1942 Mosin Nagant M91/30 and an Mosin Nagant 1944 M44.

    I also traded my Yugo M59/66 SKS for a Chinese Norinco SKS simply because it's lighter and easier to manage.


    My new Ruger P95DC

    And this is my wife after she found out about all my purchases:
  2. LOL Well good luck with the wife LOL

    Hope you come out of it ok so you can go shoot those beauties!!! lol

  3. That bit about the wife, that is FUNNY! :lol:

    Nice guns too by the way. I'm not sure I'd trade my Yugo for a Norinco but it's things like this that make the world go round.
  4. Uraijit

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    You might trade a Norinco for a Yugo, though. And then you'd both be happy. ;)

    Not really an SKS guy myself, but if I ever get a mill and lathe, I'd like to try my hand at building one from scratch. I hear they're supposed to be really easy to make, even if all you have is a lathe...
  5. Been there with the wife, they usually get over it, ......... usually. ;)

    Nice weapons!
  6. Exactly! :D