Some of my toys

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  1. Took some of these photos tonight while honestly just screwin around.
    Thought I'd post them for poops and giggles.

    Here's the Hi-Point 995 that I just put a forward grip on hanging out with one of my AKs and my Ruger along with some of my other doo-dads:
    Here is my friend's 995 with the folding foward grip and the ACOG sight that kind of got my gears turning:

    Here's my 995 with forward grip and a el-cheapo red-dot.
  2. Nice composition dude.

  3. elguapo

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    I wonder....I have a digital camera...hmm...
  4. I had some of these posted on the old forum, but I can't help myself.
    Gotta show the girls off a little bit.




  5. JasonJ

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    what kind of stock is that on your tactical AK? its pretty sweet.
  6. een wanting a cx4 tri-rail forever
  7. Patriot, I love your "battle rattle" and those tiger stripe pants.... I haven't seen true tiger stripe camo in years.
  8. hipoint.nut

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    Feet in the photo. Rock on!!!

  9. LMAO!!! I was going to say something, and I held off. I knew that either Uraijit or Hipointnut would, and I was right. You guys really crack me up.
  10. It's just a Tapco T6 adjustable synthetic stock. I'm getting ready to purchase an AR stock adapter from Benny249 and put a real AR stock on it. The plastic shaft on the current stock doesn't feel like it would hold up if I needed to knock heads. The stock on my AK in the first set of pics has a K-Var synthetic stock that actually a bit longer than a standard AK stock which is good. My arms are a little longer than most. Big boys need bigger toys. :D
  11. I love tiger stripe. My pop wore it in Vietnam. Picked mine up at Delk's Army and Navy Surplus here in Randolph Co. NC.
    (Great store if any of you make it to the NC area,it's a must-see for surplus and much more).
    had to get the tiger stripe for the Robin Sage program. All the civiies have to were tiger stripe until all the "S.F."s get switched over to digital.
    Many of them are still wearing woodland.