Some online games...

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  1. For those of you on facebook, I've been playing the heck out of this game; pretty cool... easy way to kill 15 minutes a day or so. Pretty much you build a colony, attack other players, and get attacked in return... all about warfare :).

    I also play this one:

    It's a bit more about nation building, not a whole lot of fighting... but when wars start we've had over 1,000 people logged on fighting and nuking each other, so not a bad way to pass some time.

    If you ever get really bored, here's a ton of flash games:

    And this website is devoted completely to zombie-killing games:

    Of course, there's always the perpetual pogo, which has video poker, slots, etc... pretty wide array of games:

    If you're into MMORPG's I quit playing, but if anyone else plays I might get back into it (Imagine a ten person raid of just HPFF members :)):

    Just for starters.
  2. the zombie one was entertaining!

    I jumped in and out of mmorpg's -
    Anarchy Online
    Dark Age of Camelot
    World of Warcraft
    EVE online
    Lord of the Rings online
    City of Heroes

    I'm done with them, tho. I'm tired of paying. Plus I don't have the time. Every now and then I do play a little Dungeon Runners - it's reminiscent of WoW (in art only). And free.