Some people are just determined to be victims.

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by hero_saku39, May 18, 2008.

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    From another forum I frequent.

    I put the important parts in big bold if you don't want to read all of the idiocy.



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    You're such a hardass hero... :lol: ;)
  3. There was something about a shooting here in Tacoma last night, about a mile from my house......but that was 2 guys in an argument and the one guy got shot in the stomach......was a totally different scenario......

    I gotta wonder where he was walking, and what information is missing from his story......even gangbangers usually don't just shoot at random people unless there is a reason.......
  4. I like this response from one of the posters on that forum:

    As true as it gets.....give that man an award........ 8)

    EDIT: Oh wait, I bet that's the OP here! :lol: I'm such a dork.....
  5. Present company excepted of course:


    Cruel but apropos.

    ...mods, delete at will...
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    from the guy that got shot...

  7. a guy got shot (and died) at a bar about .75 miles from my house the other
    night. apparently the younger guy was seeing the older guys wife. needless to say the older guy found out about it.....
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    The whole thing sounded like a troll looking for a fight, but thats just me.
    (Not the OP: the Zorro wannabe)
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    [tactfully backs out of thread]
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    Well I hope that the next situation he is in the guy with the gun will be scared of his hands/knife and run away in tears.
  11. Well put Mike, I will have to remember this one :)
  12. If his fiend had the CCW, maybe the world would be rid of one more pile of criminal. You all can feel free to insert any one or multiple adjectives for criminal.