Some real flying

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  1. Ari

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    I have never seen anything like this

  2. I've seen some gas RC helicopters do some stunt flying but nothing like this. That is awesome.

  3. wow thats nuts. Almost as wild as that one vid of the small RC plane at the choreographed flying competition(indoors, in Germany I think that one was)
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  5. rrjenn

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    I wouldn't have believed it possible if I hadn't seen it. I wonder how many hours of flying and crashing that guy has in
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    in the 70's, we used to think we were doing good just to hover, maybe get one or two circuits and land!

    btw, thats Alan Szabo, you'll find youtube vids of him flying about any type heli like that, -electric, methanol or turbine -just amazing
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    This is Police Chief Wilson, the Chief of the next town over... He is sponsored by Align, and gets his TRex parts cheap (to say the least)... He is also a big Thunder Power Rep, also reps for some transmitter co. (I forget) But he goes all around the world with Marcus Kim, and trains with him.

    Chief is awesome, and he isn't scared to push the limits in the Trex 600 or the NITRO Trex 600... Here's his youtube profile, check him out!

    You video is cool, but knowing that the points are scored higher for performing tricks close to the ground, that guy's an intermediate-pro flyer.