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    Someone should help us new folks out and post what all these abbreviations that are used on this forum. Many new people could also be new to weapon ownership as well as to the board. Abbreviations can also be confusing. Like what is WWB, CCW etc.....
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    Good idea! Here's a few:

    WWB=Winchester White Box. Standard Full Metal Jacket ammo sold at most retailers, and most popular at Wal Mart. Cheap and effective in Hi Points.

    CCW=Conceal Carry Weapon. This is the general term for the license to carry a weapon concealed in public. Other states use other terms, but all generally mean the same.

    FTF=Failure to Feed/Failure to Fire.

    HP= Hi-Point...duh.

    SHTF event/senario= S*** Hits the Fan. Generic term for a society altering event like Huricane Katrina, urban or natural disasters and the like.

    922r= Name of the bill that outlines requrements for the number of foreign component and American made components that can be included in certain import weapons.

    FMJ= Full Metal Jacket ammunition

    CF380= .380 caliber Hi Point

    C9= 9mm Compact Hi Point

    MN= Mosin Nagant (Make of Eastern Bloc rifle that seems to be as popular as Hi-Points. You'll find that most HP enthusaists here also own one or more Mosin Nagant rifles... including myself :p )

    FFL= Federal Firearms License. This is a license that is requried to transport firearms via the postal system. This is also the license that most arms dealers are required to carry when selling.

    BATF=Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. This is the regulatory body that oversees most arms laws and issues in the United States. These are also the the boys that distribute rulings and judgements on firearms regulations and laws.

    Milsurp= Military Surplus. This refers to any arms that were once used for military or government service (such as the police), and are retired for sale to the consumer public in citizen arms countries.

    There are plenty more....if anyone thinks I forgot the big stuff let me know.

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    Dont forget all the different ammunitions, difference in Makarovs vs Lugers, Semi Auto and Auto, Blowback etc etc
  4. I thought we stickied this a while ago? If not, maybe a good project for a new moderator, or someone of that ilk????
  5. Don't forget:

    FTE - Failure to Eject
    POS - Piece of doggie doo (all guns but hi-point :D)
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    On it after I finish setting up the fund raiser show for tonight at the theater. By the time the rich trust fund snobs get liquored up they won't care what's going on stage. That should leave the ops booth pretty boring for an hour or two to write this up
  7. TEOTWAWKO = The End Of The World As We Know It (similar as SHTF)
    BUG = Back Up Gun
    BOB = Bug Out Bag