Somethind odd when buying ammo (and a rant)

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  1. First off the rant, feel free to skip it I won’t mind

    OK so I stop by wally world on my way home from work (about 2am) to pick up some ammo for my 10/22 and with luck score some of the McF Halo figs.
    OF course nobody stocking the shelves speaks even functional English so I give up ion the figs and figure if I can manage to get the ammo it won’t have been a totally annoying waste of time.

    So I get a nice box o’ .22 and go to check out. After standing there for ½ an hour while the only person ringing sales up confirms that she also doesn’t have functional English skills as she cannot grasp the fact that the s/n on the printer the people in front of me are trying to buy even though the screen and people are telling her that.
    After the Mgr comes over and does it for her I figure this should be fun. And of course the whole need I.D. thing causes her to press the same button for 5 MINIUTES STRAIGHT!! Then the mgr. comes over sees that I have my I.D. sitting there and explains to her what to do.
    Then the “ask if the customer wants a Wal-Mart card†screen comes up. Oh crap here we go again. So we get past that and…


    The sale ain’t done yet! Why? They need to know “Are you going to use this in a handgun or a rifle?â€
    So I ask “Why do you need to know?â€
    And the mgr. tells me “The government wants us to poll ammo buyersâ€
    So I, knowing the attitude the local, state and feds seem to take towards hand guns say “Rifleâ€
    This was the truth but will also be my answer no matter what.
    It wasn’t until after I left that I realized I didn’t find weather it was state or fed. And being in MN it could
    Very well be the state. Many of our “esteemed†elected officials are still screaming how evil the CCW law we
    have is while the light rail money pit they put in has killed more people the permit holders.

    So anyone else have that question asked and does it make you just a wee bit nervous that they are starting to
    poll what type of gun we are buying the ammo for?

    Oh and please don’t think I’m against people immigrating to the US. I think it’s great I just want people in customer service positions to be able to speak and read English so they can provide, you know, actual customer service
  2. They ask that question in PA.

    The reason I was given is that they can sell .22 to someone 18 years of age if it is for a rifle but that someone has to be 21 to buy the same ammo for a handgun.

    BTW-At my age I don't even begin to look 21, that was many moons ago. Very many.

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    I'd seriously question your states intent behind that ammo poll question. Some states do ask that question as mentioned by another member that .22 ammo can be purchased by an 18 yr old if it's for a rifle.

    They can't force you to answer a poll question. As long as you have valid ID, you don't have to answer that question. Next time tell them you do not wish to participate in the poll. If they refuse to sell you ammo for that reason, contact their regional office, request in writing the stores policy regarding ammo sales and this poll. You could also simply say it's for "recreational use", and that it could be used for one or the other, or even both.

    You have to watch out for these dirty politicians. These anti-gun wussies sneak in any way they can to derail everything related to the 2nd amendment.
  4. I had fun and told them "neither." They had no idea what to do. I thought it was funny.
  5. Ari

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    I have not been in our local Wal_mart for a long time. I hate that place.... :evil:
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    hahaha :lol: -I'm gonna borrow that answer. Recently picked up some .40 Blazer Brass for 12.47/50 so I bought 4 boxes. The clerk asked the same question. Since I would be using at least some of it in the 4095, I answered "rifle".
  7. Some of the Wally World's here will not sell multi use (pistol, rifle) ammo to anyone under 21 years of age.
  8. Thing is I bought a few boxes of ammo 2 weeks before with out getting the question so this seems new. And like I said they already endered my birthdate in to the reg just be able to buy ammo in the first place. But the boxes of Blazer .22 I bought 2 days later a Fleet Farm I didn't get the question.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like the question and dis-trusts their motives in asking.
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    I don't see a problem with the question. Just as you should still get carded when buying tobacco or alcohol, you should get carded buying ammo. Fact is, in many (most?) states don't allow people under the age of 21 to buy pistol ammo. Rather than just not selling pistol-caliber ammo to people under the age of 21, they ask.

    Why does it hurt you sooooo much to get asked such a simple question?

  10. Oneofsix

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    Doesn't hurt me any at all, if it's just to make sure of age. I just don't see the point in asking for any id for ammo, drink or 'baccy with all the grey hair I got. So when I get asked it means they are:
    1. asking it by habit
    2. have a hidden motive
    3. forced by management, even when they can see with their own eyes I'm way damn older than 21
    I left off "too stoopid" because I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt :wink:
  11. Space

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    It comes up on the screen at walmart and if they don't press yes or no then the register won't continue. (guy showed me last time I bought ammo, he hates asking too).

    What if you told them you were going to resell it?
  12. Oneofsix

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    cool! I knew someone would have the answer. Thanks Space!
  13. Some small gunshops do just that. WalMart retails some calibers for less than what they can buy small quantities for. :shock:
  14. I just went to Fleetfarm to buy some brushes for cleaning the 10/22 and 870 (and of course they don't have the little adapter to use the 870 brush with the standard cleaning rod unless I buy then entire kit again) and as long as I was there I grabbed another 5oo rd box of blazer (for the little 50 rd box/tray combos in side to store the loose bulk ammo I will be buying) and they don't ask so is it only wally world?
  15. Silicon Wolverine

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    its wal mart policy as far as i know. I asked why one time and they said it has ot do with the age difference for pistol vs rifle ammo. They've asked me the same thing the few times ive bought 9mm there as well.

  16. Ridge

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    The WalMart here is perpetually out of 5.56, so I dont even bother anymore...honestly, the only time I was there in the past few months was to get an oil change and ended up buying some sighting in paper targets and an issue of Guns & Ammo...
  17. Strange, we ask why and have gotton different answers and mine only just started asking. Also since the question comes up after they enter the age off of the D/L. so the age thing dosent make sense.
  18. yeah wal-mart has been pulling that crap for a while now. Its really just them not wanting to sell pistol ammo to people under 21(despite things like carbines...). Fortunately I know most of the people who work at ours so when I actually buy .40 there(rare) I don't have to deal with the bull. Several of my friends don't know them/have gotten 'the new guy" and have gotten screwed.
  19. I hate it too.
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    I found some 9mm at walmart saturday (this has been a problem for me lately). I bought 10 boxes and the guy had to hit that screen 10 times between scanning the boxes. Halfway through I said, ok, switch over to pistol now and laughed.

    It's annoying, but like Space says, it pops up on the screen and it won't let him continue. I could tell the guy hated having to do it.