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  1. just an fyi for some of you with 995s and keltec pf9.i own both weapons and just noticed the 995 mag will fit,lock, and feed in my now my pf9 can hold 10 rounds with the hipoint factory mags and 15 if i buy the crappy aftermarket mag

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    Now that's funny!

  3. 995 mags fit and function in the PF-9 with no modifications at all? That's handy information.
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    I have a PF9 and I'm storing my dad's 995 Classic while he's living in Californiastan. I'll have to try this. :)

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  5. Well this changes everything.
    I will be trying this.
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    With my 75 year old arthritic hands, it's hard enough to get through a 7 round mag! Why would I want a 10 rounder?? :eek: :p
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    I don't know about the 995 mags (yet), but I just ran a bunch of snap-caps through the C9 mags, both 8 and 10 round. They locked in OK but extended out the bottom and "gapped" at the baseplate. The 10 round mag fed reliably, manually cycling snap-caps, but the 8 round didn't lock in tight enough to keep the mag high enough for reliable feeding. When I pressed the mag up from the bottom, it fed during manual feed just fine. Probably with some tinkering at the lock notch on the mag, it could be made to work fine.

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  8. I haven't fired the pf9 with the 995 mag yet.but it feels like it should work fine .yes it does protrude a bit and theres no support a t the bottom end of the mag
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  9. Dane

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    By mistake I ended up with a pair of PF9 mags. One is the +1. What are they worth if I were to sell these? Sold to me as for a LC9.
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    The 7 round mag is $22 new from Kel Tec (plus S&H). The +1 is a $14 addition to the $22 7 round mag.

    You might try selling them here in the Marketplace, or over at the Trading Post on the Kel Tec Owner's Group forum.

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