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    Here is a copy of a post I submitted on another forum........

    Friends, our new president (Clinton, Obama and to a lesser extent McCain.....maybe) is smart enough to know that gun control will be resisted/might be futile.

    I suspect that most of us have guns purchased off book, inherited from grandpa?

    How will they achieve their gun control agenda?

    I think they will attack the availability of ammunition.

    Despite the fact I am a fairly avid "shooter" I am a lousy reloader. I've only reloaded scatterguns and don't do that anymore.

    I'm loving my new 9mm purchases (pistol and carbine). Almost done tricking them out - got a shipment from cheaper than dirt today!

    My wife is wondering why I switched my grocery shopping to Wal-Mart..... I'm stocking up on ammo (9mm & .22)! I add a box of 100 9mm or a brick of .22 each trip ~ $10-20 a week.

    I've got .243 and a .308 so getting some additional ammo for them too.

    .22 is very fun & economical to shoot, great target practice and effective on small game (squirrels, rabbits, etc.).

    I was into skeet and then a duck hunter for years so I have a pretty good stock of 12 & 20 ga.

    Don't forget BB/pellet guns. Fun for target/birds/squirrels/rabbits, etc.

    Just something to consider.........
  2. I'll definitely be stocking up on some ammo for my guns.
    The problem is MONEY.
    With the price of ammo going up, I can't afford to get as much as I would like to. Seeing as I use some for practice I need to buy more than I use.
    I'm trying to find a place locally where I can buy in bulk at a good price. I could order off the Internet but the cost of shipping kills the deal you get.

    I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so to speak, and when I get my money from George Bush I'll put it to good use!!

  3. I buy from Sportsmansguide, if you buy over a certain amount, usually 99 dollars, it is easy to find a 10 dollar off coupon code on the net.

    That helps offset the price of shipping, and if you are a Sportmansguide club member, you get further discounts, and can split CC purchases over 150 into 4 payments, making it easier to make larger bulk buys, which can result in more savings.