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  1. how does everyone feel lately on the way the usa is goin these days? some days i really feel things could turn nasty at anytime anyone else feel this lot of crazy stuff goin on to much to list really any opinions :?:
  2. I don't like it in the least. I'm not gonna go too much into it, but I wouldn't mind leaving.

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    Hate To say it but It does seem to be going to the crapper.
  4. i hear you guys , leaving isnt a option to me but you knowwhat i mean , one thing is the price of things ?? wow cost of living has really went up for me , food is goin up daily ammo prices are sky rocketing, and i know we all work daily tryin to make a buck and thats gettin tough :roll: the gap between the rich an middle class really seems to be spreading a lot more? :roll: is it just me?
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    Leaving to where?
  6. good question. I haven't really thought about it in detail. Someplace better? lol.
  7. Well here's my take on a few things..

    Cost of living has always went up and always will go up. Goes hand in hand with the wage increase for workers and profit margin goals companies set each year.

    Food has always went up, always will.. see above.

    Population increases always put a strain on nations, they grow, grow, grow and finally bust up into smaller social, economic, ethnic and religious independent nations. Look at the French, British, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese Empires of days gone past. Roman and Greek Empires of ancient time. USSR, Yugoslavia and the rest of Easter Europe in more recent time. For the USA its just a matter of time.

    Times change, nations change, everything changes. You either evolve and adapt or become extinct.

    Well, that about sums up my take on this issue for now.
  8. Thing are going to get worse... for sure. BUT LEAVING !!!!! NO WAY ! There is no other place on God's green Earth that is worth leaving the USA for.
  9. i agree full heartedly aint no where you could go to make it any better ,
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    With all of that, the real oil crisis has not started. There is one coming that will make the one in the 70's look light weight! I think we are going to see gas over $5 a gal....
  11. I hate the way things are going we loose more and more freedom everyday
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    There are benefits of living here, and there are some major detractors.

    I'm half American, and half British. I have pride in both countries, and have no problem wearing either a Union Jack or Stars and Stripes depending on which one protects what I feel is the "Western" idea of life while perserving freedom.

    Like others have said: Countries change, regimes change. Things are rough, but I'm not about ready to jump ship *just* yet. They could be ALOT worse. I've grown up in a warzone my entire childhood, so perhaps I've got a bit of a biased line to test from.

    Either way, I'm going to choose the place that gives both myself, my family and my children the best shot at perfection in life and freedom of choice. If that country speaks English, French or a hybrid of either (such as the US or the Commonwealth) then all the better.
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    If there was some frontier or some unclaimed land I would love to go and claim it. unfortunately there is no land left anywhere in the world that does not have somebody's name on it.
  14. I believe we are already doing the right thing as members of this forum by planning for the worst and hopeing for the best. Our society will break down at some point in the future and maybe even to the extreme of splitting up the country. I hope I never see it. I still can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else. If I was 20 years younger, I might think about Alaska. I believe you can still homestead there, but I'm not sure.
  15. i hear yu guys on the land issue , iam 50 yrs old but it seems not so long ago growing up in ohio that we could hunt about anywhere and all it took was a stop atthe neighbors house up the raod an ask permission if you didnt already have it , shooting was practice on your ground out the backyard and no one cared, now if someone hears a bang they call the law, urban sprawl thye called it , i moved to az and thought before i gotto old id see somewhere different, well the urban sprawl is here too , cities just take what they want, and we are suppose to like it, not one house being built not 100 houses bein built 1000's of them all around? and in the 300,000 grand range ? where is everyone gettin the money, i can understand a few having that jack but 1000's? :shock:

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    This is how I see things in the future [Just my feelings mind you]

    A. We are in a reccession /depression more folks WILL lose jobs and homes more debt is in the air prices will rise
    B. More and more bad weather is gonna be a problem storms, drought, and more and more lawlessness is in the forcast. As more folks lose jobs homes and money they will turn to stealing and other criminal behavior.
    C. WHOEVER gets in as next president will more then likely start with more and more gun restrictions so stock up now on weapons ammo and parts.

    It's all gonna get bad or worse NOT better from here on end
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    Ok, we are agreed, the system sucks.

    Would one of the moderators please consider moving this thread to the Free Fire Zone.

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    Why? this all about survival and what may happen shortly. Nothing controversial about this.
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    +1 shooterz, no controversy over the way things are going in the US of A.
  20. i personally am tryin to figure out how i can survive all this ,