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  1. The used JCP that I bought on GunBroker was delivered today. It looks the original box, original papers in their zip lock bags, laser is very bright and the lock looks untouched. So...

    I go to lock back the slide and it doesn't lock back. Not only does the LRHO not work but the slide doesn't move rearward far enough to engage the safety to hold it open.

    The slide makes a strange spring sound. Without being able to move the slide all the way back, I'm not sure if I can even take it apart to see what's wrong.

    This is my first and only HP pistol so before I make things worse, I thought I'd check-in here and see if anyone knows what I'm up against here.

    Oh yeah, and I hear and see something rattling/moving around up inside the handle. It might be the slide retainer??? Any help is appreciated.
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  2. undeRGRound

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    Sounds like the prior owner did not know of the no-fault warranty,
    and either broke something or could not reassemble it. You could
    take it all apart and take pix, or barring that, send it in. Might be
    a minor thing to get it running. :confused:

  3. Actually it's not the slide retainer. It's the firing pin sliding back and forth. The ejection spring assist is stuck to the rear and does not press up against the firing pin.

    Not sure what all that has to do with the slide not moving rearward enough. This is sounding like a good little mess.
  4. Yeah, I thought of the sending it in solution as a last resort.

    Not sure how to get it apart without getting the slide rearward.
  5. How much did you pay for it?
  6. It looks more and more like this needs to go back - either to the seller in NV or to Iberia Firearms in OH. The slide won't retreat with reasonable force far enough to engage the safety/lock. I'm afraid that adding any more force will just screw it up even more. There's got to be a way to disassemble it like it is but I'll patiently wait until Monday when I can make a couple telephone calls.
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    If you send it in for warranty, you will get it back LIKE NEW, plus
    very likely a Free Magazine... NV you say? Did Tracy break my old
    (LNIB) JCP already and sell it? :rofl: :p
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    Yes, How Much?
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    I knew you were gonna' say that, lol! No, still have it, gonna' keep it (still want a jhp). I just put a pic of my growing little gun family on "What gun did you buy today".
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    Lord willing, I plan to go to the range on Tuesday. I found one that is free on Tuesday. I plan on shooting the JCP, AR15, TCP, and hopefully the HP22! :)
  11. I got a 995 a little while ago and liked it so much that I bought the JCP. The JCP is a bit like a boat anchor :rofl: but I'd rather keep it than return it. It was only ninety bucks plus twenty five to ship. So, maybe the seller will return twenty five bucks to me for shipping so I can use that to send the weapon to OH. Good deal esp since a laser was included.
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    That's one of the hereditary traits of all Hi Point pistols.
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    Well, it was insured most likely, so you could get something...

    [email protected] :D
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    NE Utah
    Wait a second!

    What the freak is going on?

    This is HPFF! We fix stuff, or break it good BEFORE we tell a guy to send it in!:mad:

    So...can you take off the grip scales and check if all the parts are where they should be?

    Personally, I'd then take all the parts off that I could, then see if it would rack further. If not, start working on what I can see inside, especially the sear and such.

    If you could take pictures, it will help us help you.;)
  15. undeRGRound

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    Then What The Heck Took You So Long To GET IN HERE!?!?! :p
  16. Yeah man, ajole. That works for me. Tomorrow I will start with the grips. They should come off without a problem. Then take it from there and see what comes of it. I have experience working on other makes, this is my first Hi-Point pistol some guidelines is appreciated. Will post with progress and pics.

    As far as the bit of a boat anchor goes, that's fine. This will go with me to the range every time and be fired every time. That's why I wanted a gun that's almost indestructible. Just have to fix it first.
  17. cicpup

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    $5 says the sear is in backwards. Remove the right grip and pull down on the sear cam and see if you can get the slide to lock back.
  18. After letting it sit overnight, the slide suddenly moved rearward like it should and it stopped making that odd spring sound.

    So I took it apart and you'll never guess what I found. Now I'm no trained gunsmith but I don't think this part is standard Hi-Point.


    That screw was in the end of the recoil spring.



    That may explain the strange spring sound like it was getting hung up on something.

    The channel for the firing pin was real dirty. It looked to me like the ejector springs may have been hanging up on all the crud. Don't know.

    So, is there a plug that's supposed to go into the end of the recoil spring where the screw was found?

    The springs - recoil and ejector - look okay to me but don't know for sure. And everything else looks good as far as I can tell. Hard to tell until I get it back together and check the function.
  19. moona11

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    Look at your parts list and make sure you have all the parts.
    a screw that's one I haven't seen :-D
    No that does not go in there.
  20. Yeah I 'bout that? Geez.
    Does the recoil spring have a plug on the end (where the screw was)? The schematic isn't all that clear to me wrt a plug.