Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time.

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  1. A buddy of mine bought this, never fired it, and decided he didn't want it. Sold it to me for a song. I didn't even have to throw in a dance. It was still new in the box, with the receipt for the $20.00 rebate.


    Remington 597, 22. I'm a sucker for a 22, what can I say? I haven't done anything but run a magazine full of Federal HP's through it before I came to work today. Shot great.
  2. browwiw

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    Sweet. I love a good .22, too. Unfortunately, I already have a 10/22 so I don't really have a reason to get anymore. Well, ok, it's not unfortunate.

  3. Cajun, you're killing me with those pictures....

    You just need to get some video of your property so I can live vicariously through the video... Tress, squirrels, ponds, leaves on the ground... dude, that's beautiful stuff.

    Oh, and nice .22, lucky dog!!!
  4. Note the squirrel "cutting" on the porch rail just in front of the trigger guard. :D

    I've got a couple of 10/22's, a Marlin 39-A, and a Stevens 65. As well as four 22 handguns. You can't have too many 22's. :wink:

    And that's a river. Not a pond. :D I took a few more a the same time but didn't upload them to photobucket. I'll post them later.
  5. Ari

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    Alright! Another 597 owner.. I love mine.. And you will like yours, I had to put a Volquartsen hammer in mine. As my dad could not pull the stock trigger. It took all of 10 min to do it.
  6. Very nice, and you are one lucky dude, dude!
  7. Another fine gun! Doesn't happen often, but right place and time is fun to come upon.
  8. Here you go PS. This is just slightly to the left of where I pose the guns. The hill in front of you drops off about 100 feet almost straight down to the river.


    This one is just looking left off the deck. There is an electric fence to keep the goats in. I've killed more than a few squirrels just the other side of that fence. :)


    The Blue Ridge Mountains lie just to the west of us. Sometimes I think I can see them on a clear day. :)
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    Tell your buddy i have a lot of songs i can trade him for .22 rifles.

    I've got "Mary had a little lamb", "Where is thumpkin'" (dance moves included), and "Farmer in the dell"... i may throw in "Three blind mice"... depending on what kind of firearm we're talking about.

    Just kidding, unless he is willing trade for those songs!

    What kind of song did you trade him?
  10. browwiw

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    Think of all the hobos I could hunt through there.

  11. Very good looking rifle and the land around it . You are a very lucky person.
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    I think thats the model that was on sale at Cabela's for 189 with the $20 rebate! I almost bought one myself but travelling took me far away from the store. Nice rifle!
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    I would take 2 days vacation on your property over 1 month in Hawaii. Absolutely Awesome.
  14. I wish it was "mine," but we just rent there, and it's only a few acers. But the view is great. One of these days, I'm going to walk down the hill to the river, and see if there aren't a few smallmouth bass around. I'm afraid I may never make it back up though. :lol:

    I am grateful that the Lord led us to this place though.