Son at swim meet.

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    Me and Evil went to our sons last swim meet for the year. This was his first year he's in 7th grade. This meet was everyone's last chance to make state. He swam the 50 and didn't get 25.5 but ended up with his best time of the year he knocked of 15 seconds from when he started. Today he was the only 7th grader in the 50. He was up against 11 and 12th graders. He was a little bummed about not making state but was happy he knocked off another 2 seconds in his time. We drove 6 hrs home and now waiting for the team to come home. I all the team averaged 10 seconds off their best times they worked hard. Proud mom and dad here. Next year he'll make state.
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    NE Utah
    That's impressive! If he stays after it, he could do really well.

    My nephew in Idaho swims, he didn't start until his Jr. Year, he'd been a cross country runner before. He placed 12 and 13 at state, swam the 100 Fly and 500 Free. His Fly was about 58+, IIRC.

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    Congrats! Glad to see he's improving times. Quality parenting includes not giving participation trophies so everyone wins. Teaching your son to do his best, even when he might be up against mismatched odds is awesome. You ought to be proud. I wish more people would act this way towards their children. Way to go raising him right. The world needs more parents that are so supportive and proud of every individual accomplishment.
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    When I picked him up at midnight those boys where jacked. Every one improved their time. None of the 7 or 8 graders made state but his friend in 8th grade swims the 500 free and knocked 11.40 off his best time and missed state Qual by less than 3 seconds but he was to jacked up on his time and that he got 5th place and 1st place in his heat. This is a great team they all stick together the Jr and Senors take care off the little guys no drama. It great.
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    NE Utah
    That's good stuff.

    I wish we had a decent Jr high program in Utah. The rules basically outlaw any 8th grade competing against high school age. I guess they could be in the same event, but they couldn't take a place in the High School race, they'd have to be in their own classification.

    We DO have a good wrestling system, in fact, our younger kids, now 9th and 10th grade, who had won Jr. high state a few times in the last few years, just helped our school win the High School state championship. But that system is under the AAU or some other thing, not the state school athletics group.

    Anyway, I'm really happy with the way your boy and his buddies see it...I coach track, and it's a constant struggle to get kids to come out and work, because they don't understand, and will not buy the idea, that they have to pay their dues, and coming in 15th isn't a bad thing, in fact it is great, if you cut your own time getting there.
    I have the same issue with some of the really good ones...they figure they're the best, why work? One of the fastest kids I ever had never once won a championship, because he was really fast...but there was one kid that was faster, in his same grade. And he didn't want to work that hard.

    They don't compete against themselves very well. Sad, because that's the thing I love the most. Your kid seems to get that, so, kudos to you and his coach.:)
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    Swimming here you compete against who ever is in you time bracket for the heat. It was kind of funny watching him against kids twice his size. We have a small team compared to the other cities. We have 20 and 3 are divers which one is ranked 2 in the state. Minot which has the air force base has the best program going people move there just to try to be on that team. Bit they also start them in 1st grade. Those kids are always great to watch. And it makes the other teams try that much harder. Almost everyone of them makes state. Their coach is nice to he comes you and visits all the families and knows how your kid is doing from a different team and talks about their improvements.
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    Congrats to him, you and E!
    I'm sure he will get better and win State... if who think about it: he started life as a 'swimmer' and had to be first to even get born, this is just a continuation of his swimming. :D So he is already a winner!

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    Those ND kids could prolly go a little faster if they didn't have to expend so much energy chipping the ice before the meets :p Impressive Times, M00NZY!
    Fine Family you got there :D
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    Ya but it makes them into men.

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    If their swimming in that water you sure don't need to worry about them getting some young lady pregnant... it will be crawled so far into their belly that they won't see it again until spring! :rofl:
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    I have the utmost respect for competitive swimmers. I get worn out just swimming 50 meters and have to switch to the side stroke to keep going. That applied even back when I could run 2 miles in 12:15.
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    Was really happy he found a sport he liked. Big kid he played football but didn't have the heart to put the smack down on other kids has a heart of gold. Swimming he doesn't have to hurt anyone and the team is tight. It was great watching the Senors take care of the little guys. And a plus was his arm are now rocks and he lost weight he's proud as can be and so are we. Now that its over for the year he is doing the perfect push up and pull up system we used to do. That kicks your ass to.
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    12:15??? My best time was 11:35 I joined the swim team on a body I ever had! Did the breast stroke and back stroke.

    I love the idea of competitive sports because it teaches you how to push through pain, deal with defeat, and determination.
  14. Think1st

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    11:35, huh? That's pretty impressive. You must have done a lot of running to get that fast in 2 miles. Now, my question is this: How fast have you run 8.15 miles? I managed 59:51 in the Great Aloha Run back in 2008.;)
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    In another life I used to put down mid 18 minute times for 3 miles. Of course that was when I ran 5-6 miles a day on top of the morning PT workouts with my platoon.

    I'm so beat up and broken now that on my bad days, I have to take a few deep breaths just to get psyched up enough to walk to the mailbox.
  16. EvilE424

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    My dad was an ultra marathon runner. My best time for a marathon was 2:45. With the cold weather running isn't fun so I become a slug
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    swimming is great fun... especially if it's in freezing water and you're loaded down with duck hunting gear....

    come to think of it, that would make a great training exercise!
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    That's not swimming..... That's called trying not to frickin die!
  19. EvilE424

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    As long as you wear waders. It would be like a polar plunge but more extreme!
  20. moona11

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    My best time for the 2 mile was 13 flat. Never was a runner. Couldn't catch my second wing until after 2 1/2 miles.