Son Was On TV Tonight

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  1. It was on the old Court TV channel (don't know what it's called now). They had a chase he had after a Harley. Two guys had followed the Harley owner home and stole his bike at gunpoint. Son chased the bike about 5 miles into Detroit at 1 in the morning. Guy was blowing red lights. Guy fell off bike and ran into a back yard with son right behind him in his car (why get tired running when you can go off roading in a cruiser). Caught the guy. He got 10 years.
    He had another chase this past Tuesday at 4 am. Guy robbed a 7-11. Had been snowing and they followed the tire tracks again into Detroit. About 2 miles away they see a Trailblaser that matched the discription. When they lit him up, he took off. The other car with my son hit the driver door of the Blaser and ran him into the curb. As my son came up on the other side to block him in, he backed up and hit son's car. So son hit the front end of the blaser (took it off) and proceeded to push him sideways down the street and into a curb. Guy tried to run on foot and son tackled him. Fight ensued between bad guy and son and his partner. guy claimed he didn't do anything..... except the cash drawer was on his front seat and the money was falling out of his pockets. Guy has 4 previous convictions for armed robbery.

  2. True TV! Congrats on the famous offspring!
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    Thank your son for taking the trash out for us! It's a dirty job, and we do appreciate it.

    On a side note, my favorite parts of all those COP/Reality shows is when the sick the dogs on the BG's!
  4. Your son IS DA MAN! +1 on the saying of thanks, and we'll say a prayer that he stays SAFE in his adventures!
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    "Son" has our admiration and gratitude!

  6. The robber from Tuesday morning had 4 previous armed robbery convictions.

    Here's the link to the motorcycle chase. If strong language upsets you (at end of chase) don't click.

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    you got to be proud of a good guy like that :D
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    Here in Greenville City/County, they have a no-chase policy on motorcycles... liability reasons they said. BUT THE HIGHWAY PATROL WILL CHASE ANYTHING WITH WHEELS AND CRASH INTO IT TO STOP IT!
    Give that son of yours a cold beverage (root beer or real beer) and a pat on the back!
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    4 times convicted for Armed Robbery?......
    Were was are Justice Center doing....
    Putting good Citizens ands Lawmen in harms way....

    Well tell you Son Thanks for me...
    My Stepfather is a Law Enforcement officer.
    I makes me pretty darn upset when he has to take some one in for there
    5th + offence.
  10. Good guys 2 Dumba$$E$ 0!!!! Love it!!!

    Glad your son is keeping my home state safe!!!
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    Sounds like some exciting calls! Hope your son wasn't injured in the struggle with the "suspect".