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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Krippp, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Krippp

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    continuing with the great tradition I just bought my 9 year old son his very first gun, a new 702 plinkster .22 from Mossberg. the wife even helped pick it out for him (I'm lucky to be married to a fellow gun nut). the boy cried in happiness as soon as he realized it was his and not another one of daddy's toys. just thought i'd share that

  2. Cool man. I think im going to get my son a .22 for christmas.
  3. DrpChvy

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    Cool, hope your son has a great time shooting and learning about guns and gun safety.
  4. Thayldt21

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    That s awsome. Especially the not daddys share toy.

    So when he tells daddy no don't wine. lol

    I think you will have just as much fun watchn him shoot as he will shootin.
  5. elguapo

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    That is AWESOME! It instills confidence in your children when given a gift like that. No longer are they reliant upon your guns to shoot, but have thier own, to call thier own. Right there, thats baby steps to responsibility. Good call!
  6. GlockMan

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    Way to Go, starting the lad off right!
  7. Cherokee7

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    Good deal

    I take my 5 yr old grandson and he loves it.
    He picks up brass at the range and has a collection of various sizes.
    Good learning tools.
    If more people did that we would not have so many accidental shootings.
    Regards, :lol:
  8. Krippp

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    btw, his first shot with it, he hit a coke can at about 50 yds. then missed the next 20 or so times, but he was hooked after the first crack of the bullet.
  9. freedom

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    8) good times for the lad.
  10. I am sure he will love it. i bought a plinkster for my self they are great little wepons. quite affordable also. I hope and pray for the day my wife and i are blessed with children. so i can share in this wonderful tradition :D
  11. andrew241

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    That is one of the things I am looking forward to. How old is he?
  12. I also hope, that my wife and I have a son soon. I am already thinking about my sons first gun and what it will be.
  13. SamW

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    That's fantastic. Passing the tradition along.
  14. Whenever I have a kid, they will already have all the guns that they are ever gonna have time to shoot... I plan on giving my son/daughter their first gun on their 8th birthday, as long as they show the maturity necessary for them to have it as their own. If not, they are going to wait until they are 10 at the earliest.
  15. I have a daughter, but I look forward to the day that I can teach her about firearms.
  16. billybybose

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    Bunch of cool dads.I got dogs cause I dont have to buy em school clothes.
  17. :D :
    ... or guns!

    :cry: : My life took a different turn, and -- nearing 60 -- I have no kids. Reading comments like these reminds me of the blessings I've missed.
  18. elguapo

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    I still have my first gun: Remington .22 single shot, given to me by my father when I was 14. Getting that, was like winning the lottery to me.
  19. I remember getting my first gun and I still have it to this day 12 years later it is a base model ruger model 10/22 with a scope. My first shot gun I got and still have is a Harrington and Richardson Trooper Jr .410 I got that for christmas when I was 10 and got the ruger when I was 9 they are great guns and I love them to death and plan to give them to my child when she is 9.