Sorry, another Mosin Nagant Thread

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  1. Hey everyone, I recently bought an M44 ($99.95 at Fleet Farm) partly because I'm a gun lover and mainly because I'm a history major and find it remarkably interesting.
    My girl and I shot it a few times and we both love it (even though it bites like a shark)
    Do you expeters want to give me any hints or advice? And where is the best place to order ammo? I got some from CDNN that was $19.00 for 60 rounds ($9 to ship). Any better deals out there? Here are a few pics



  2. I get my ammo locally for $6.99 a box so I haven't ordered any yet. Check around at your Army Navy surplus stores/gun shops. Wolf brand is the better stuff as it's non-corrosive.

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    I get mine local too.. they have tuna cans pretty cheap... Make sure the bolt is setup right!!
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    Nice stock on that Mosin. Check out AIM Surplus. They have some Russian 7.62x54R for $70 for 440rds and some Bulgarian for $43 for 300rds.
  5. Thanks

    Thanks for the help! One of my habits when I get a gun is to break it down and re assemble it several times before I shoot it, so I have the bolt setup down pat. Like I said, I've shot it and and I totally love it, I'm pretty sure I have a senior thesis on the Mosin Nagant family coming!
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    Hi Dany,
    Congrats on your MN. Looks like some cool woodgrain under there. Is this your first one?
    I started with the 91/30 then got 2 M44's and a 91/59. I like my M44's, the best, but I have not shot the 91/59 yet.

    Let us know if you find you M44 shoots truer with the bayonet extended.

    Did you check the head space and the firing pin length?
  7. First of all, let me say that I love the wood on that gun. That is some beautiful grain. Secondly, I think you are asking the right group os experts.

    The best palce to get ammo on online of course. I use

    Sometimes they have some good prices.
  8. Thanks

    I felt like this was the most knowlegable groups out there, yes, the head space and firing pin are copasetic. It is my first MN, I actually made the 90 mile trip to Fargo with the intention of purchasing the 91/30 that Fleet Farm had in their circular, but when I got there, THEY WERE SOLD OUT, but they were able to give me a pretty good deal on the M44, so out the door I walked with it.
    I got all the neat accessories with it that I wasn't aware I would get (2 chamber oil canister, sling and various small tools and ammo pouch) albeit covered in cosmoline.
    Needless to say, I am very happy with my purchase! I'll have to let you know how true it shoots based on my bayonet status. The first box of ammo I just put downrange just to play with it, I am excited though.
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    NEVER be sorry for another MN thread! These things are awesome and totally fitting for a board of shooters who love the "common man" guns and know what they're purpose is for: Defence, affordability, and FUN.

    It's a fine looking piece, and if yours fires anything like mine, you're going to get hooked on the simple power it provides.
  10. Exactly. Intelligence allows people to make critical distinctions and evaluations about products that are useful and affordable. That's why you there are such knolwedgeable Hi-Point owners who also own Mosin's on this forum.

    And then there's me. :wink:
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    looks like a laminate stock with lots and lots of varnish or whatever covering up the pretty.

    i bought this:|190|191

    and am very happy with the results.
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    Yep! Went into Big 5 with the purpose of getting more .45 ACP to go plinking...oh M44?....Can I see that?.....nice...Less than 90 dollars you say? ...nice price...but I really came in for some- that bayo DOES look cool! SLAP! I am not done.....
    Hmm...sure cyles the bolt nice...looks a bit gummy there (fastforward on how to clean the cosmo...)

    ...handing it back..."I will take it"

    "Oh, sir, we will get you a new one from the back," (Yeah, a "new" M44, who were they kidddin? If the stock and metal looked better than that....ohh....ok, put THAT one back in the box, thats MINE!)

    Paperwork and payment ( plus a cold soda) came out less than a C-Note. I could have spent that all on strippers in half an hour. I think I chose well.
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    Never liked strippers....they lose their appeal after you drive them home from work at 3 am in your cab *shudders*

    But that's how I ended up getting my M44. Wanted to go buy ....of all things.... Sneakers at Big 5 that were on sale. My girl pointed that out and said I should get it.

    So I did :) Went in spending 17 bucks and walked out spending about 100. Didn't get the sneakers.
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    Keep in mind Wolf Ammo (the last time I bought 7.62x54R) stated "mildly corrosive" - i still did the windex treatment.
  15. Thanks

    Again thanks for the help guys, I do love that 'mildly corrosive' phrase. I did have to run several cleaning patches down the barrel after just 15 rounds.

    Anyone tried hunting with their MN? I toyed with the idea of taking it deer hunting this year.
  16. Dany, remember that {mildly corrosive } is a lot like { mildly pregnant}.
    For some fun try shooting it close to dark and watch the fireball .
  17. Just make sure you clean the rifle well and check it again in a few days to make sure no rust has started.

    Google shooting corrosive ammo and you will read dozens of different ways to clean the rifle. You then choose the way that you want and if it works, problem solved.

    And yes, the MN's would make a fine deer rifle.
  18. With the corrosive ammo, the easiest way to clean it is to run a patch with ammonia based solvent, *windex works great*, down the barrel first to neutralize the salts, then clean like normal. Make sure you also clean the bolt face and the magazine spring as well as some of the powder can blow back onto some of those parts.

    Just to confirm, I took out my M44 today and she shot remakably better with the bayonet extended! I can't tell you groupings because I was shooting at dynamic targets (fabric softner bottles full of water) and shot miserably with the bayonet back, however with the bayonet extended I was very high percentage at 50, 125, and 150 meters with a slight south to north crosswind (shooting east to west)