soumi mags in a 995

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  1. I remember reading about adapting a soumi drum mag to a carbine.
    Did that work out?
  2. JasonJ

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    his welds were crappy and broke.. so he was trying to get that right. it worked until it fell apart.

  3. so if he can get the same setup and better welds, it may work, correct?
  4. It might... unfortunately it's a bit expensive to tinker around with.

    ETA: Time intensive as well
  5. who did the work?
    other than the expense of the drum? what expenses?
    thank you!
  6. Not sure who did the work, and the drums are at least $50 a pop. Not to mention bushman can tell you that all the equipment to do the stuff isn't cheap either.
  7. blkhwkfxr

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    I did the work, wont do it again, sold the 995. Drum mags were $29.99 on CTD ( cheaper than dirt ). There were no exta expence because I did it at work with our equipment there.
    AND, they werent crappy welds, it was the crappy pot metal that hipont uses on thier mags that gave way. But good luck if you try it.
  8. Errrr the mags are made of steel. Maybe not the highest quality, I'm not sure, but they are steel.
  9. condition1

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    I am working on the same project. I have adapted a 1911 mag to hold .40 and feed it to my HP ( and make it hold in the mag well).
    I still need time... but I will let everyone know whether it fails or succeeds.
    Don't hold your breath I first talked about this several months ago but it isn't on the front burner. Step 1 is complete though.
  10. If you feel that your welds were good, perhaps reheating and quenching after welding would have made for a stronger setup?

    Sometimes metal will break at the place where the metal meets the weld, because the heat of welding has changed the properties of the metal.

    Just a thought.
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    I also built one. I ended up using a wiew feed (MIG) welder to make it hold. Brazing or soldering just doesnt cut it. The issue i had was when the mag was loaded, there was so much spring pressure that the rounds would force the mag feedlips open wider and cause jams. i did get several runs of 40-50 rounds without a jam, but the first 15 and the last 15 rounds from the mag were jam after jam. I had buired more money and time in it that i could afford to and i ended up selling the whole works to another member. Where he got with it i dont know. Until the feedlip/spring problem is solved, this will likely go nowhere for the 9mm. Now the .40/.45 may work if the mag lips are stiffer.

  12. I wonder if heat hardening the feed lips would help?