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    Hello fellow enthusiast, well a little about me i have owned two hi points. one a .40 carbine first gen and a .45 carbine second gen. both i played around with a bit customizing and had a blast. for the price and what you can do with them you cant beat a hi point. even with the life time warranty i have never had to use it, unlike my Taurus's. happy to be here and thanks for having me.
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    Welcome to the nut hut and don't be a stranger. There are a bunch of good people and one mole that make life a bit more interesting.
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    Welcome from a fellow Floridian!

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    Howdy! Former Naples guy from the West End of the Tamiami trail. :p
    Which carbine do you hunt skunk apes with? :stir:
  6. hmm, I think this might be my younger brother.....

    KNIVES, I knew you'd find me!!!!
    church of the gun ho gun wont help you here.
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  7. Yeah, Now I'm sure it's my brother.
    Not only do we have the same gun, but I just had to shoot a some EMO kid on my front lawn that called himself "Legato Bluesummers".....

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    Welcome to the forum from DE

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    Arcadia................they have possibly the furthest South Sonic drive in............
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    Arcadia, where the heck is that? :confused:
    I am from Acadia Parish and am wondering. I guess I am just a "stupid, know nothing" Cajun! :rofl:
    By the way, I have seen Sonic drive ins as far south as Abbeville.

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    Arcadia is East of Port Charlotte (Swaggiedo may live there) Big Walmart distribution center there. Big rodeo town. "Florida Crackers."
  12. Yep, it's a small crap town. Actuality I don't live there anymore. Moved to Port Charlotte over a year ago.

    But funny thing. The Rev and I here are related to Morgan Bonaparte "Bone" Mizell the famous FL cowboy. "the original Florida Cracker Cowboy". Bone Mizell was immortalized in the 1895 Frederick Remington painting "Cracker Cowboys of Florida"....and is probably the reason for the term cracker.:rofl:

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    "Cracker" is actually a reference to the crack of the whip when working the cattle. Not a racist thing. The Spaniards brought some really short cows to Florida and there is now heirloom herds down there. "A Land Remembered" is a great novel about the early days of Florida. They used t be #3 in beef production no to long ago.
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    Welcome to the nut hut
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    Uhhhh, you a little late dont you think? What, did you have to take a little breather to stop and change your Pad? :rofl:
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    Welcome. I see some of our perverts have already welcomed you. Just ignore them.:rofl:
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    Yep well not the same but close to. Going to be starting a new build here soon after I get rid of some old toys officer.
  18. Aww, and here I just finished mine.

    4595TS with flat top rail, TM 1911 mag catch, and a few other upgrades. I may put a barrel shroud on it and do something about the charging handle, but it's pretty much finished.

    I found what was left of my backpack from the crash in the bottom of my closet. Kinda surprised me, but I wanted to keep part of it. So I gutted it to fashion the one point sling.

    I still need to find mags for it. I want 2 long Hi Cap ones like yours and a few 8-9 rounders for it. what brand mag do you have?

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    Hey, I represent that statement! :rofl:
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    I got my two 16 founders off of sportsmen guide, and barrel shrouds can be a pain. If you don't sand them just perfect they wont sit even or flush if you use the Beretta barrel shroud.