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    That is all.

    :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :shock:
  2. Not a big Spam fan but gotta admit that when you are hungry it will probably taste pretty darn good. Shelf life is good and the cans are well sealed.

    I do like Treet Meat when its fried in a skillet... makes a nice replacement for bacon on BLT's.


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    Spam and its many knock offs are a major part of my Bug-out location food stores, it has three to four years of shelve life, salt, protein, fat and calories. And the best part its cheap to buy!
  4. If it wasn't a secret family recipe, I'd share the "Deer Camp Special" with the forum... Spam being the main ingredient. Before I do it, I'll have to get permission from my dad.... as he's the original guru of the recipe. Let me tell you, that stuff alone, or over rice will damn sure fill you up and keep you going all day!

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    NO! NO! NO! [as he hakes his head sideways in agony] Let it die no more SPAM!!! :wink: :lol:
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    When you are starving, literally to death...Any food, even if from a can will suffice. Learning how to cook Spam is the key. Mix it up.....
  7. We have a lot of Spam stored . Dice it up and put it in a pot of black eyed peas and eat over rice with a little hot sauce :D
  8. I've done it with navy beans, black beans, red kidney, pinto, you name it. Also, fried with eggs, great breakfast.

    Try it breaded, yumm-mo!

    It goes with anything!
  9. Hormel Foods Spam Recipe's They have 200 documents listed in the Spam Recipe search, some look tasty while others may be eatable under harsh conditions...LOL

    Hormel Shelf life code FAQ Learn how to read the Code's on your can's of Spam, and other Hormel products.

    Well, here's the Biggie....

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    we keep a healthy supply of this stuff around anyway.

    i like it despite not having to bug out with it, or eating it in a have to situation. good stuff.
  11. Spam and MRE's mixed together, yum! :wink:
  12. Yeah, I'm another of those warped individuals who likes it. But then, my two favorite veggies are Brussels sprouts and asparagus, so I'm probably beyond hope.
  13. We need to get together for dinner! :shock:

    Fried spam with onion and cheese on top, brussel sprouts with garlic butter, asparagus cassarole and blach eyed peas

    Now thats eatin...................I thought I was a loner on these foods
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    I believe that Spam (and its cousins) are one of the best foods created for long term storage.

    A few cases of Spam, Ramen Noodles, cheese whiz, and refried beans and your good to go.

    Good grief guys, we just listed the contents of a bachelors kitchen. Just through in a couple of cases of beer and your done!!!!
  15. Spam is pretty good. I like to fry it with some sauteed onions, melt cheese on it, and put in biscuits.

    Spam is great on a Rye roll slathered with lots of mayo.

    Its also good cut up and used in things like fried rice.

    I've even used as a meat substitute in jambalaya. It's okay.

    Dang, now I'm all hungry!
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    Spam is an excellent survival food- heck its actually pretty good.
    When you need 3000 calories x 4 mouths, I'll take all the 'protein in a can' I can get.
  17. Mmmmm..Spam... I love it fried with a bed of rice. In Hawaii they have Spam Musubi which is a slice of fried spam on a small ball of rice with a strip of seaweed to keep it together. That's just good eating.

    A can of sliced fried spam and a bowl of rice can feed my family of four a pretty decent meal.
  18. Fill in the blanks here. Amazing: even McDonalds serves Spam-based breakfast plates there. Spam/egg/rice; Spam/Portuguese sausage/rice, Spam... on and on.

    But, as a Spam lover, I was OK with it :D
  19. Hey Primal, dont keep us waiting on the "Deer Camp Special" for too long
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    Spam fans unite.I dont need for the s to htf to enjoy that spammy goodness! :D