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    Hey just noticed one of our newest members (being one myself) took a screenshot and figured, "Hey, why not share this with the forum?"

    Yes, it says "ORDERCHEAPVIAGRASOFTWARE" And yes, I do think his/her/it's account should be deleted.

    If you have any interesting screenshots dealing with our humble forum, here's where you should post them.
  2. I have already deleted that spam bot. Thanks for looking out buddy.

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    OI! You gotta wait untill Primal gets done approving/disproving the accounts before you can report them... it's a little known fact in the world of Spammer MinuteMan-ship. :)
  4. Darn it Primal, where am I supposed to get my Viagra now.
  5. haha...Primal has a supply in his BOB, I'm sure he'll loan you some till you find a new source.
  6. Nah, when I'm with Primal I don't need it :-D

    Haha my bad... and not surprised if this one gets deleted.
  7. Literly LOLed on that one... I'm gonna leave it and let you other half take care of it for you.
  8. What can I say, I make this forum a better place... and I was literally LOLing too :). Sometimes I Crack myself up :).
  9. i'm an admin on a forum and we had a bunch of problems w/ spambots. Our image verification system was broken and wasn't fixable... Our solution was manual user verification.
  10. That's how we roll. Wish we could do the autmated "type what you see" but it's a bit difficult to get to function properly for us little guys from what I've read.
  11. We actually have image verification in place, but I don't know if it works or not, hence the manual user account activation.
  12. our issue w/ image verification stemmed from the folks that make either it or the platform it runs on(forgot which) not wanting to deal with fixing a known incompativility issue between versions. Theres no real way to fix it unless we throw a new OS on the server.
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    talk nerdy to me ibreevesii, :lol: