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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by bikeman, May 5, 2008.

  1. bikeman

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    I had an idea for the trunk gun and spare mags.

    I'm thinking about getting a Fobus double mag paddle pouch and sliding it on the pocket on my case. Then, if TSHTF and I had to deploy I could just grab the paddle and slide it on my waistband and have two more mags, ready to go.

    Do any of you guys have fobus mag pouches? If so, which model will fit the 995 or 40? I saw several models for the single stacked mags, but couldn't tell the difference.
  2. wd6bgn

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    I have one for my c9. It would work with the carbine. You want the one for double mags and single stack, in 9mm. Mine is a modle 4500.
    The holster for the c9 works fine too. execpt with the mags and the gun on my belt, I need suspenders or my pants fall down. LOL! Yuck.

  3. I use a modified Allen brand rifle cartridge buttstock holder. You cut the stitching between two of the shell loops and it holds the mag wonderfully. One of these can hold 3 mags. Mine is set up for me(lefty) so it does interfere with right handed shooters unless you slide it to the other side. The way I "stack" the height of the mags makes it easy to grab them front to back.

    bottom line: works great, costs ~5 bucks!

  4. Sweet idea!
  5. bikeman

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    Thanks for the model # on the mag holder.

    That is awesome! The mags don't fall out when you move around the range? That would be the only thing I would be worried about. As much as I like HP stuff, I don't like their butt-pad/mag holder, your idea looks much better.
  6. JMcDonald

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    My GF's .22LR rifle uses the same thing. I gave her the old shell holder off my shotgun, and her .22 mags fit in it quite snuggly. In fact, they are kindof difficult to get in, but pulling them out is still faster than reaching into a pocket. I am planning on doing the same thing next time I order from CheaperThanDirt (I just dont want to pay $10 shipping on a $5 item, heh).


    Something like what is on here is what you'd want:

    The shell slots aren't big enough for 995 mags, and are way too big if you cut out a stitch between two of them. It sounds like it works better with rifle cartridge holders. In any case, still be prepared to resew the strip to fit the mags better.
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    the one for the c9 double mag. from ebay will hold the 995 mags
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    Just had a genius moment:

    Why not add a magnetic rail to the stock of the rifle for immediate mag access. This way, while shooting you have a ready mag at hand. Could be applied in other manners as well....

    Great. I need tools now. Lots of tools....
  9. JMcDonald

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    I actually thought about sewing a patch with strong magnets right to the outside of my vest. That could hold them stuggly while also giving easy access. I suppose the same method could be used for something attached to the butt of the gun.

    Interesting... Tomorrow after finals I might go try to find some magnets, heh.
  10. Get some magnets out of old hard drives, they are small and powerful as all get up.

    I got my finger pinched between two of them and it left a heck of a blood blister.
  11. only problem i've had with this setup is the entire holder sliding down to the narrower part of the stock. This could be easily corrected with some grip tape or something below it. Haven't bothered yet thouhg.
  12. On my Remington 870 I had the same issue until I used my rear sling mounting to anchor it in place.