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    Hey all I know we talked about this on another post already, but I looked at my C9 instruction manual, and the page that shows the diagram and all the numberd parts, well right below that it says "prices available upon request" So.... what gives? Do they sell them or not...

  2. No!

    They ship parts to you free of charge when you have an issue and a part needs to be replaced. If you can change a simple part they will ship. Some items are Factory Service Only and will require the gun be sent in for service.

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    Ok well they need to reprint a new manual then! And I understand about just sending it in, and getting compensated with a free mag.. But thats not gona do me any good in a shtf situation...

  4. Reprint a manual/s!? Oh, oh. There goes pricing on HP items. "Compensated with a free mag". There goes pricing on HP items again. Just throwing in my .02, I don't think HP will reprint new manuals for statements interpreted incorrectly IF this were the case and you do not get compensated with a free mag. There are certain instances on the "free" mag. I guess what I am trying to say is, don't think a person is going to get a free mag all the time just because they had to return something for repair/replacement etc.
    rimfirehunter, can you add on this one??
    (just My opinions and/or suggestions)
  5. Depending on what you are looking for, there has been a seller on that has been selling gun part kits from used Hi Points that were most likely confiscated by the police and the frames destroyed, and this guy is selling the rest of the pistols parts.

    Hope this helps.
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    My first question is:

    Have you called to ask them?

    Nothing personal against anyone here, but unless they are actually employess then their commenst are nothing more than hearsay. Until you hear it from the horses mouth, as it were, it's meaningless.

    I would suggest you call and ask about any parts you might like to have, and I would suggest you call the source, not ask us here as we are not employess of the company and I haven't heard any ofd them chime in on the subject.

    Another good part of actually callling them would be that you could suggest the re-printing to them in person as we are just a bunch of guys like you who like our Hi-Point firearms. We have no sway in whether or not they will, or even if they should re-print, we just shoot 'em.
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    there was a dude on ebay that sold some c9 parts