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Speed loader for 9mm

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I recently purchased a 995ts, I go to the range often, and the 556 ammo was starting to get expensive, so I wanted an alternative. A friend of mine has a 1095, that he let me borrow at the range. I won’t lie. It definitely surprised me, because of my perceived bias, it wasn’t bad to shoot at all , and surprisingly accurate. You add that up with the price tag, I had to buy one later that night.

I share all that to let you know my questions coming from a noob. I’m looking to find a speed loader for my 9mm magazine. I’ve purchased 3 on Amazon, lol, yup, I said three, and not at the same time. Nope, I’d get one in, figure out it’s wrong, look again, buy one worded different, rinse and repeat. SMH, Im an idiot, all of them ended up being pretty much the same exact thing, only the seller chose different key words in their description.
I’m not looking for the type that allows you to load one at a time, I can find that. I’m looking for the type that allows you to load multiple, they work great at the range.

I appreciate your input, BOL, and thanks for the help, I’m glad I found this forum, w/ ppl willing to help.
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The HiPoint uses a single stack, single feed magazine. You have to load each round singly, even if you have a stack of rounds in the loader. It's not like a double stack, double feed rifle mag that you can shove 30 rounds inside in 2 seconds. If you want that in 9x19mm, you'll need something that takes HK, Sterling, Uzi, or Colt-style (modified Uzi) mags, such as an HK MP5, Uzi, or AR-9.

Holy smokes! Thanks for the tip, Rach! I have no idea how they're doing that.
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