speed loaders.

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  1. I was just checking out the speed loaders on the hi-point site, thinking about getting one for my 380 and the 45. Does anyone use them? $12.00 for a pair in each caliber seems like a good deal but if there proven to be no good its not worth the trouble.:D
  2. Dohrmc

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    Never tried those, but a good price if they work. I am a big fan of the Uplula loaders. A+++++++
    And they are fast to use.

  3. rickm

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    I use the uplala for every caliber from 380 to 45, single stack or double that way i only have to keep up with 1 speedloader and not have to worry about grabbing the wrong one for the wrong caliber.
  4. sarahsmom

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    Yeah, they work. There are some on the www.iberiaxtras.com site that look like they would be even more comfortable to use.
  5. undeRGRound

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    I have a Beretta of a similar design, works better on that slender
    double stack design, it has a very gradual taper...
  6. just ordered one of the thumb savers, this will make my wife happy cause she hates loading up a mag. ill like it as well cause I end up loading for her most of the time. thanks for the heads up, I saved money and now I wont have four loaders taking up space.
  7. Go with Uplula. It works for .45, 9mm and .380.
  8. sarahsmom

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    Yeah, uplula would be the best way to go. I am gonna' have to get one one of these days!
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    I bought the HP loaders and they work fine and 2 for $12 I can put one with each gun.
  10. moona11

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    I use a Uplula for some of my double stack mags nut never needed to use one for a single stack. Bunch of hand models running around here :p
  11. Yeah, but our Sweeties just love our silky-soft touch. :p
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    Your Sweetie is touching other members :O
    Your in trouble now.:p
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    Diabetes testing 4 times a day leaves my finger tips a bit sore.
  14. Yeah, those finger sticks really ARE a pain.
  15. Good luck with that. :rofl:
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  17. sarahsmom

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    Plus the arthritis.
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    And the trigger finger, which isn't even on my trigger finger... :rolleyes: