Spending that nice tax rebate on guns...

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  1. ...I won't, as I have bills that need to get paid off, but assuming we all got a $600 or a $1200 rebate check from the government and HAD to spend it on firearms or ammo (I know its a reach, just work with me here Roll Eyes ), what would you get?

    P.S. I'm not reposting the previous rebate discussion, as this is focused on gun matters only, not "what are you spending it on in general".


    GLOCK 22 (used, about $375)
    Russian laminated M44 (about $80)
    500 rounds .40 S&W reloads (about $100)
    440 rounds 7.62x54R (about $60)

    For a grand total of $615... I'm a hair over.


    GLOCK 26 (used, police trade in, about $365)
    Custom AR-15 (the balance).

    If not for the AR, I'd probably get a Sub-2000 ($300), Hi-point 995 W/ati stock and accessories (about $300 all said and done), and a hefty pile of ammunition.
  2. I would buy one or more guns from my wish list

    Kel-Tec P3AT
    Browning hipower or clone
    Rock Island 1911
    Taurus MILLENNIUM PRO 111 9MM
    Some sort of 22 pistol for plinking

    As well as some extra magazines, ammo, and holsters to carry whatever I bought.

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    That's fairly easy:

    Either an AK-47 with an extra mag and other such accessories


    -A 995 Carbine
    -Decent 12 gauge 18.5"
    -Accessories and bags for each.

    Would probably go for the dual gun option considering I miss my 995 and you can ALWAYS use a shotgun. But that's just me dreaming...