Spinal Tap was wrong: THIS is the blackest thing EVER

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  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    now if only it were good for something


  3. neothespian

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    This stuff is good for an amazing ammount of things!

    -screen base format for Laser TVs
    -Astronomical research and equipment where light reflection on components are critical
    -Stealth application (light is a primary factor in the overall application of stealth technology)
    -Cinema and Photographic filters and setting
    -Optical sensor calibration (A "Pure" black is very difficult to obtain as a baseline)

    Of course, the artistic applications are amazing and unforseen at this point, but this stuff also isn't a paint, but a carbon nanotube application.

    Besides, a "pure" black outfit combined with new reactive polymers out on the market equal the mythical "Stealth Suits". And, with a pure black base that is comprised of carbon nanotubes means that you can also infuse this with electronic hardware that could very well make cloaking devices possible. In order to get a pure image to the human eye and to optical sensors and cameras, you first need a pure white and pure black, else the colour distribution will be inaccurate.
  4. Huggy

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    Any way we can use it on an AR? It could be the blackest rifle EVERRRR!!!!
    HUUUHAAHAAHAAHAA!!!! (thunder and lightning) :twisted:
  5. Fenix

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    I second that motion.
  6. Is the world ready for an rifle that evil?
  7. The world might not. But then again. When did we start caring for what the world thought? I know I don't.
  8. neothespian

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    Ah, but the rifle does not reflect a THING! It is comprised of a lack of light, so therefore, it is not evil...in fact it is nearly as close to pure neutral as man can get.

    An evil back rifle? Try a ZEN black rifle! 8) :lol:
  9. Kelotravolski

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    only when in the hands of a transcendent zombie is it a zen rifle. for the rest of us it is EVIL! :twisted:

    (sorry I am done with the zombie thing I swear.... :roll: )