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    Guide Gear is their own brand of stuff. It's not too bad. I have a set of fly fishing boots and they're as good as the stuff from Cabellas. Not sure about Beaver Creek but SG is really good about returns (at least I've never had a problem) so if ya don't like it just ship it back!
  4. Sportsmans Guide is a real stand up company. I feel that Guide Gear quality is the same as the Cabella's brand, or the Red Head brand of Bass Pro Shops. By joining the SG Buyers Club, your prices are discounted, and you can pay in 4 payments if your order is over $150.

    I swear by this company.

  5. I agree with gr8fatman

    I have spent a lot of money at sportsman's guide over the years all on line. Mostly ammo.

    They have only made one mistake on an order and they fixed it promptly.

    I have a Cabalas credit card, but I use it to buy my stuff from sportsmans guide.

    You can probably find things cheaper elsewhere, but the perks like the 4 pay plan make it a good place to shop.
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    GUIDE GEAR is top quality items at a Generic brand price, I have never had a guide gear product feel inferior to a name brand product.

    The owner oders items made to his specs. No middle man and he saves a shart load.

    Guide gear is the >>> Hi-point of the sports gear. You definantly get a real bargain.
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    Quite appropriate actually! Any way to save money is welcomed on here. No worries.