spouse against concealed carry?

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Littleguy1, Feb 12, 2018.

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    I'm fairly new to concealed carry. About two years. When I first talked to my wife about it she was totally against it. Not that she was against guns but she didn't think I needed to carry a gun wherever we went.(she has only shot a 22 caliber one time) Not wanting to upset my wife I decided to wait to get my permit. As time went by she found one of her good friends husband carried and her friend was fine with it, actually liked the comfort of knowing he was carrying. Then my wife started hearing all these stories of people being attacked whether with a gun, knife, club or whatever. Even thinking about home invasions, she especially worried about this since we had a top ten county fugitive that lived right across the street from us. We started out buying a security system for our house, made her feel safer. Then finally after this she was ok with me getting my conceal carry permit. So I applied and got my PA permit. Started to carry some, but I lived real close to NY border so had to be careful. Then the NY county that bordered my PA county was accepting applications from PA residents. Even though money was tight at the time my wife agreed to me getting my NY permit. It cost me about $150. Now a lot of the time we leave the house together my wife will ask if I have my "weapon". I read post that you and your spouse are both "gun" people but do any of you have spouses or significant others that are against concealed carry or have waited for them to change their thoughts about it.
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    When I first met my wife she was against having guns in the house. She had a bad experience when she was younger and it affected her opinion of guns.
    About 8-9 years ago I sold my SKS when things were tight and it served to both get the needed cash and satisfy her request of no guns.
    Fast forward. Two years ago I told my wife we needed to get a gun for the house before the
    laws change. Obama was leaving and if Clinton got elected it might get harder to get a gun.
    Since that time, two years ago, we have purchased 4 handguns, 1 shotgun and 3 rifles.

    Just last month we both took the CCW class together and now are both waiting for our CCW's to arrive in the mail... :)

    It just shows that education on guns and politics can change someone's position.

  3. TBird

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    I applaud your patience and perseverance with your spouses!

    I could not have done that. I'd have dumped them from the get go on their bias against personal defense. They must be keepers!
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    Right now, my biggest hurdle with SWoMBO in regards to carry is she thinks I'm a bit paranoid for wanting to carry while at home.

    I've tried to bring her up to speed on the violent direction that home invasions are taking but she's not ready to hear it yet. Oh well, at least she doesn't fight me on it.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  5. histed

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    Right there with you,Kirk. Increases in Home invasions and a quick glance at the Megan's Law site have gone a long way.
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  6. I just carried, if girlfriends thought it was weird (even though I was in the Military and/or Law Enforcement), they might balk....they weren't "girlfriends" for long.

    I actually picked up my Old Lady from a friend. He was retired AF and a Deputy SO, guns, guns being carried all the time was not "weird".

    Know your audience. If your gal/guy is a Libtard...you're gonna have problems.
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    My husband is not against guns, but hasn't had much to do with them since he was a teen (he's 57 now). But he does make a comment or questions me every time I carry or even every time I pull a gun out of my safe. Like he thinks I'm being over zealous. He's gotten better about it over time, but it's still annoying.

    He doesn't think about stuff though, and it drives me nuts. Like he leaves our doors unlocked all the time, or leaves the garage door open. Like seriously, don't carelessly make us the easiest target on the block!!
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    Even though she didn't want me to carry, she didn't have a problem with guns setting around the house for home defense. I have one in 3 different rooms setting out. I had guns when we met 36 years ago. so she has been in a house with guns for the last 36 years. She wasn't against carrying she just didn't think it was necessary for me to carry in our area(little hick town in the middle of nowhere). She never really paid attention to what actually was going on around here. Then the more she heard the more she agreed with carrying. I can say that even myself never thought about carrying until about 6 months before I mentioned it to her. I was in the same mindset as her. "nothing will happen around here".
  9. histed

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    No libtards here, MD - more like PK said. We both grew up in the 50s and early 60s in safe neighborhoods. She carries when we leave home (now), but the idea of carrying at home still seems a little weird. And like PK's husband, she tends to leave doors unlocked in the daytime.
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    Speaking of home invasions, we had one not to far from here about a month ago where 3 kids broke in to a family residence, didn't work out to well because one of the three that broke in ended up getting shot with the rifle he took in with him when he broke in.
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    My wife doesn't mind me carrying, even likes it, but I can't talk her into getting a CPL herself. She says she doesn't think she could ever use a gun against someone. I try to tell her if she had to defend her family, especially grand kids, she might surprise herself. Even with me armed, I've tried to get through to her that I would be the first likely target to neutralize in an encounter and her carrying could be a life saver one day. Problem is we live in one of the safest towns in the U.S. according to crime stats safest 100 cities in the U.S.. I think she is in denial that anything bad will ever really happen.
  12. Rachgier

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    My old lady just tells me that I'm naked when I'm not carrying, and I tend to carry all the time. I point out that she's naked, the kids make wretching sounds and tell us we're gross. She has a CWP and the sidearm (G19) of her choosing. She carries when she's out and about without me, otherwise she doesn't. I asked her about it once and she said that it's not that she doesn't want to, she feels like doesn't need to when I'm around. Pretty sure she just wanted a new pair of boots...

    She thinks she can outshoot and outhunt me, but she hasn't beaten me yet. If she ever listened to some of my advice instead of starting off every reply with, "well my daddy said...." she might have a chance.
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  13. First of all, let me say that, THAT was not my intent to call your wife a Libtard or be insulting.

    It was more of a shotgun blast statement.

    Apologies for any insult taken.
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  14. lklawson

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    Is he from a rural area or a rural area in a southern state?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Wife and I both have CCW permits - in fact, we got 5 year permits when the state first authorized them. She lugs a PK 380 around, and I'm either carrying a PT 111 G2, a Kel Tec P11 or a Cobra 9mm 2 shot derringer. Wife also hunts, and got a nice 10 point buck a few years back. Haven't met too many women in Alabama that are gun shy....
  16. FlashBang

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    I carry everywhere, whether at home or out and about.
    The wife asked me one time why I carry in the house.
    I told her Decepticons.
    She laughed.
    I laughed.
    The toaster laughed.
    I shot the toaster....

    Good times I tell ya.
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    Shut up Flash. Everyone knows your 'human' wife is just a robot because you married Ma Deuce back in the 50's.
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    We did have some beautiful baby PIG's though.
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    Hey I'm telling Ma!!!!!:shooting::machinegunner:
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    Don't go telling Ma. You know when she gets triggered she goes ballistic and will take a belt to you. :shooting:
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