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    Does anyone else's spouse not approve of their gun fetish/hobby/views? Mine hates it on the surface, but always makes sure I have my CC when I leave for work. She was raised to fear guns of any kind, and no matter what statistics I give her, or my point of view, I can't get her to realize the benefit of an armed population. (with the exception of Zombie attacks). Other than that, she is the awesome-est woman I know.
  2. My wife is cool about it and she likes to shoot as well.

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    jettster you are not alone lol. my wife doesnt mind to much but it really gets to her. she doesnt understand " why you need another gun when you have so many!" hell i can get remington firearms for half the price of what even a dealer can get them for sometimes and she still will give me a hard time over it.:(
    but she is a good women.
  4. My girlfriend doesn't like guns at all. About the same as you stated, she was raised to think ''guns are bad'' . Dont you just love America today :roll:
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    I was in the same situation with a girl I dated for a while in California... but that may explain enough right there.

    The current girlfriend took a day off work to go to the range on valentines day(her idea). She's a keeper. :D
  6. My wife had never held a gun before we got maried. Within the first couple of months I took her to the range so she would understand the concept of a firearm and its desctructive powers.

    She is not woo'ed by then, but she apreciates a gool looking gun (if only for its craftsmanship) and has no problem with me keeping a loaded gun in the car and under my bed and in the upstais closet and in my office (garage).
  7. My wife never really handled guns growing up. I'm not sure what her dad had seen in the Army but they never had anything larger than a .22 in the house. I recently bought the HP .380 because she said the C9 kicked a little for her. At our last outing, her first shot from 10 yards was inside the bulls eye. All 8 were in a 4 inch square. This was only her second time shooting something larger than a .22.

    She doesn't always see the need to buy more guns but she is at least making an effort to enjoy my hobby with me.
  8. Does not even phase Her. I would though, like to sign Her up for a beginner course of somewhat so She can have some type of knowledge/understanding of a gun. Hopefully I can get Her too shoot this summer!
  9. My wife doesn't mind the rifles and shotguns that I have, but she doesn't like me owning handguns. Of course I don't let that stop me. She grew up around firearms cause her family hunts. I don't know what her issue is with handguns.

    For a long time I didn't have a handgun then one day while walking on our hunting lease we came across a black bear. Of course the bear ran off, but that was enough of an excuse to get my Ruger Blackhawk 357.

    Since then I have purchased two other pistols, one being my C9. After getting my concealed weapons permit I have purchased another pistol. One for me to carry and one to keep in the house and one in the truck.

    So far no complaints from her, but I just have to watch how quickly I buy a handgun. If I spread it out over a few months between purchases there isn't much said. :)
  10. My girlfriend is not a big fan of guns at all. She gets it from her mom I think because I mentioned taking her dad shooting and her mom immediately replied "I don't think so." She accepts the fact that I have them. I will probably never get her to the range but as long as I don't have to get rid of mine I am okay with that.
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    My wife hates firearms and thinks that no one should have them....

    ...I feel the same way about the QVC boxes that keep showing up on the porch so I guess we're even.

    However, last summer we were up at our very remote camp, sitting on the deck at dusk and heard a pack of coyotes / coy-dogs chasing a deer. Sounded like they caught it and then the blood curdling screaming began(dogs were doing it, not the wife, damdest thing I ever heard).

    My wife asked me if I had a gun with us. I told her I brought a 9mm handgun......she said that on the next trip that I needed to bring a lot bigger gun 8) 8) 8)

    Now I bring the Marlin 45/70
  12. My girlfriend is cool with them and she's ready to go to the range with me...
  13. My wife hates them with a California hippy's passion. It's a knee-jerk non-intellectual gut wrench that cannot be addressed with any counter argument. Example:

    I bought a pistol last weekend: I brought it home, showed it to her, and she said: "That's ugly."

    This was, of course, Berzerkely speak for: "That's a gun".

    It's taken a while for her to come to grips with my interests, but she acquiesces as long as she doesn't have to look at them.
  14. Sad to hear about all the negatives from your wives.

    I took my wife shooting many times before we married; I helped her choose her first handgun while we were dating. She just spent several weeks with our daughter and son-in-law in Wisconsin and decided she didn't like the gun restrictions there (in the past she liked me to CCW, but she's been cool with a pistol in the door pocket of her car and hasn't thought she needed to carry). She surprised me by telling me that when she got back to Nevada, she's getting her own carry permit!

    Las night I told her I thought it would be a good idea to take the 'stimulus' money from the Feds and stock up on ammo. Her response was "Ok."

    Nope, no problems over guns here :)
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    Been married for 6 years. 3 Years ago after I had owned a SKS for 10 years and had gone shotting multiple times, wife stated,,, I wanta handgun. OK, why,,,she gave goood reason. Sad to say, a little, she bought a handgun before I did. We walk into a local shop. She handles several pistols. She picks out a Walther P99. Buys it. We now go to the range at least once a month. If I were locked in a small room with 6 armed people,,, she is the only one I would trust without question. I thought to myself before I proposed, life with her or without her,,,, with her is infinitely better. Life without her is just a waste of time.
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    my girlfriend claims about half the firearms i buy as "hers"
  17. My wife was initially opposed to it, but now she likes to go to the range with me. It's another family activity we can do together. She actually takes an interest in some of my guns, tho she probably wishes I would buy fewer.
  18. Been waiting for a LONG time to hear you say that. :wink:

    My wife just smiles and waves....
  19. My wife is a Kentucky farm girl. She doesn't care about what guns I have, or how many, only how much I spend. Most of my collection has been gifts from her. Not once have I heard anything like "dont you think you have enough" only "oh god, here we go again"
  20. My wife is OK with guns. It's not her "thing," but she doesn't get upset with me unless I spend too much money. Like... in her opinion, I have enough ammo already, why am I buying more? Y'know, stuff like that. :)