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  1. Hey, I just picked up a Springfield 1911 A1 45. I went to the range and ran about 100 rounds threw it. I had a few miss feeds the first couple of clips and then it worked fine. The manual on it says the gun will not be broken in until you have shot around 500 rounds thru it.
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    OK You cant buy a pistol like that and not post pics! We want some pics! and lots of em!

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    Ya what he said :mrgreen:
  4. +1!!!! :wink: :shock: :wink: :oops:

    Hi, my name is PrimalSeal and *cough* I confess... I love gun porn..... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
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    OK, drop and give us 50 push-ups for not posting any pics, ie eye candy, especially with the envy of all handguns the Springfield 1911 A1 45. :shock: Lucky man.
  6. Ok, rules to posting a new post on a newly aquired member of the Pistola community is that with great power, comes a greater responsibility to POST SOME PICS!!!!!! :twisted:
  7. Sorry I did not get back sooner.......A

  8. Here is another
  9. How well do those extended mags work? I have debated buying some of them, but I kinda think they look gawdy hanging out of the mag well like they do.... Are they pretty reliable?
  10. I just got them in this week and have not used them yet. I did get them from Springfield though........
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    Love the wooden US grips. Those make the pistol.
    I have one just like that...
  12. First - THAT's one great looking toy - GOOD for you!

    Second - you guys need to pic up the slack. Copy this pic, and when I'm not around, YOU NEED TO POST IT!!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  13. I have 2 of them myself. One is a Wilsons and the other is a chip mccormkick.

    They are both considered good brands of magazines.

    Anyway, they are both 10 rounders and they work flawlessly.

    Yes, they look like heck but its nice being able to use 10 rounders (makes it easy when I'm eating up a box of 50 or 100 round of 45).

    The 7-8 rounder looks a lot better but for target shooting, I use my 10 rounders and never have any problems unless its ammo related.
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    nice piece, I sold one recently just like that but intend on getting another.
  15. Nice looking "Forty Five" you got there!
  16. Nice 1911, you have earned redemption and a St. John Moses Browning Medallion.
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    Oh man my best friend has that gun! and that is so sweet! I want one so bad
  18. That's beautiful, man...just beautiful. :)
  19. Thanks guys. I hope to bring it to the range this weekend and shot a few. I will post results.