Springfiled M6 Scout

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  1. I had the chance to pick on of these up a few years ago and passed on it. Now I am kicking myself as they have become pretty scarce. If anyone has one and would like to do a trade or sell, let me know. This is once nice little survival gun that is just a delight.

    Here is a good article.

  2. I love my M6 Scout, its the .22lr/.410 parkerized model. I paid $149 for it in late 04, last time I saw one on the auction sites it was going for $400+ and had close to 8 bids. Only regrets I have is not getting the .22 Hornet/.410 and in stainless at that.

    The author of the linked article is a member of several of the survival boards I visit. He no longer has the stainless M6 pictured in his article, like you he is on the search for another but people who have em are not letting go and those that are selling are asking top dollar, and getting it too.

    Good luck.

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    I have the parkerized in .22 Hornet/410. When I was laid up a few months ago, I got some green paracord and did a samurai weave on the barrel kinda like the website, but only for half of the barrel length. Then I removed the trigger guard.

    Sorry, I'm holding on to it.
  4. That is a nice looking survival rifle. I like the way he accessorized it. I also spent the last hour and a half just reading a small part of that site and I like it. Lots of good info there.