Square foot gardening

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    With thoughts of self sufficiency in mind I've decided to run a garden but have many bad memories of working my axx off in my Dads' rather large garden "I don't need power tools, I've got sons" Borrowed the SFG from the local library and wondered if any here had used his techniques?
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    I haven't used any mentioned techniques... But we still have fruit garden on the back of the house. Most of the thing is now lawn, but we kept fruit tress and still have 10 square meters for the fresh green things to put into scrambled eggs. We also compost organic trash we produce. Its quite small together with the house we have 300 square meters . If there are shortages, we can boost up our diets substantially and we actually did it. I think we can easily produce a one month worth of food per year from this garden. We never actually checked how efficient garden was when we farmed it though...

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  4. I did something very similiar when I lived in San Diego. I built two planter boxes in the back yard that were about 4 ft x 8 ft. Grew tons of stuff in them. The 5 gallon bucket idea sounds good too. Especially if you only have a patio.
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    Square food gardening is the way to go in urban areas. You can take advantage of normally wasted space and still have a yard if you want. I've seen herb gardens and even salad gardens planted in half whiskey barrels. I've also seen gardens made in children's wading pools.

    Best thing to do is use the space you have. Be creative.
  6. My brother who lives in San Diego has used the upside down tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets with great results. Great idea to use the half whiskey barrels too. You can usually find those pretty cheap at Lowes or Home Depot.
  7. I have one of those kitchen bay windows and they are perfect for starting your seeds before you transplant.