squirell hunters please!

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    Ok, im going camping tomorow at a cabin me and my friends made. Yes, we made it. it'll be cold, but we'll be in no danger, we'll have a fire and my cell phone. anyway, im going primative till sunday, and i wanted to know, after i skin a squirell, and knock out all the guts, can i peirce it through both ends with a stick and cook it? i'll be sure to cook it long enuff, (till throughly cook, almost black) but, after all this, cant we eat it?
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    If it is cooked well it is good to go.

  3. Dont see why not. Cook it good and chow down!
  4. Instead of roasting it over and open fire, quarter it up, boil till tender, pull meat from bones and then add to stew or whatever else you have. Squirrel makes a great stock meat for one pot meals.

    And yes I eat squirrel! Its one of my favorite hunting sports using a scoped .22Mag, .22LR or my .32cal (no scope) TC Cherokee muzzleloader.

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    tree rats are great.

    btw with a name like rimfirehunter I for one assumed you would eat the bushy tail rodents.
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    there was some place I do not remember where but they said not to eat more than two squirrels in a week because of the mercury content from all the trash they eat. But that was just in one place next to a land fill.
  7. If using wood skewer soak it in water for several hours. Skewer squirrel, lay on 2 pieses of foil. season with salt & pepper to taste. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon Mrs. Dash Original or Mesquite blend length of squirrel. Add 1 tablespoon oil. Wrap top piece of foil around squirrel and fold till tight then twist ends around stick. Turn fold to bottom and repeat with second foil. If using wood stick, wrap some foil around wood but not where hand goes. Rotate over fire till done. Combination rotesseri and steamed.
    DELISH! :D
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    Mrs Dash original is not primitive but it does add some good flavor.
  9. Oops, the foil is a no no too. but if using wood, soak the stick. or fire will eat the squirrel. You eat rest of stick or go hungry.
  10. If you have a frying pan and a grate to cook with over the fire you can always do "fried squirrels and taters", an old family recipe.... Not a secret but here it goes

    2 squirrels quartered
    3 medium sized potatoes
    Oil or butter
    Tobasco *if desired*
    anything here, you can add anything to this recipe and it'll be delish. Veggies and some cream of Mushroom soup works well with 2 cups of water if you want to make a stew, just boil meat first and remove bones*

    Anywho, for bare bones fried squirrels and taters, just fry up your taters in oil or butter and set aside.

    Take squirrels and lightly bread as desired. Fry squirrel quarters until golden brown and season to taste. Add taters and cook until warm and serve. If you have some, sprinkle some cheese or a dollop of sour cream over the taters. This is better than fried chicken and baked taters IMHO. Something about camp fire food that just rocks when you're hungry after a long day in the woods.

    If you guys try this recipe, let me know how you liked it.
  11. When I was a lot younger my Aunt would make skin the squirrels in front of her so she could see that I was not skinning a cat to give to her to eat. :wink:
  12. I remember as a kid my aunt boiled a pot of squirrel heads. Skinned the fur off of the heads and threw them in a pot of boiling water. I looked in and here were all of these little heads staring at me.

    When done she took a butter knife, held it backwards and used it to hit the skull and crack it open. Then she ate the brain.

    Totally grossed me out LOL

    She was raised in a rural area during the great depression, they ate most anything and everything
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    yeesh, all these recipes are making me hungry. Except the squirrel brains. I think i'll pass on those.
  14. What chu mean, Willis? Your goin' to eat WHAT????



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    hello dinner :twisted:
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    As long as the critter is cleaned well it will cook up well over the fire on a skewer as suggested but as small as they are you will end up wasting a good bit of the meat because the thinner pieces will get really dry. Pan frying or in a stew are the best way to prepare squirrel.

    I have been cleaning our some old files and came across a picture that fits in this post.

  17. That is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
  18. All you need now is a good Rat Terrier, to run them back to your side of the tree! And your set for many fine meals and a great time in the woods.

  19. What a Trophy!!!!
  20. And the problem with that would be?