St Marten Landing

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  1. Saw this the other day and about fell out of my chair. There's more like it when you watch it.

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  3. That is a beautiful pic........ thanks for sharing it!
  4. I would love to sit on the beach there and watch them go right over my head.

    A long time ago I went on a REFORGER (return of forces to Germany) with members of my combat engineer national guard unit. (Had to go as a ground pounder engineer but it was worth it)

    At a huge helicopter LZ, my squad ended up as perimeter security as every one else in the maneuver loaded up in probably 30 helicopters of different sorts. Huey's, Black hawks, Chinooks a few Kiowas etc. I just happened to be on the end of the field in the direction that they took of in,

    I stood there and they all went directly over me at no more than 50 ft and got to feel the rotor wash, hear the turbines screaming and just stood there like a little kid watching them all go over me one after the other until they were all gone.

    Sure is a memory that I will not forget.
  5. That's kinda like watching a B-1 Lancer take off at night with all 4 engines in afterburner... That rumble, the feel in your chest, the smell, the smoke the noise.... Good stuff.