Stallard Arms JS-9mm failure to eject issues

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by JasonWilliams, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and have been baffled by my pistols' inability to complete a full firing cycle. Forgive me if I'm not using the proper nomenclature, but my Stallard seems to be suffering from a failure to eject issue. I've fieldstripped and cleaned/oiled everything, polished the feed ramp, and also replaced the mag (which solved the FTF issue). My question to you all is what else could be wrong with the pistol? I have removed the ejector and spring, both in great shape. Also, I've removed the firing pin and spring, nothing seems to be wrong there either! I'm truly baffled at this point, other than maybe needing a new recoil spring, what else could this possibly be caused by? I'm not limp wristing the gun and the slide is definitely blowing all the way back. Like I said the gun is also properly cleaned and lubed, and all of the parts are intact! I'm running standard 115 grain FMJ, maybe I should try some +p? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
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    Is it stovepiping? Is the extractor claw slipping? What's the issue?

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    The following pics are not Hipoints but you'll get the idea:

    Empty shell stuck in chamber


    Stove pipe


    Failure to feed


    With a HP the extractor pulls the empty shell back which then bounces off the exposed firing pin which acts as the "ejector".
    So a bend firing pin (very common) can lead to ejecting issues.
    Carbine but they all work the same:
    Have a read although not everything applies to HP.

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    I'd replace all springs and the extractor. Start at the extractor spring, then the extractor it's self. Eventually, you will find the offending piece.
  5. missiledefender

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    Take a new extractor spring and the one out of your pistol and put them together. If there's any difference in size or shape, replace it.
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    Yes, it seems to be stovepiping almost every spent casing. I called Hi Point today and told them about the issue, they're sending me a new extractor, spring, firing pin, spring, and a new heel catch release (I know, nothing to do with the release). I'm truly flabbergasted at the level of professionalism that this company exhibits, everything is being shipped today, for FREE! I'll definitely let you guys know how it turns out, and thank you for all of the replies. Even the forum is great, how can you possibly beat this company?! Thanks again guys!!!!
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    Yup. Pretty much all the parts that could cause it. My guess on release? Could be weak and not holding mag firmly in place. Since they're plastic and HP's not making any more, don't complain about having an extra.
  8. lklawson

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    Stovepiping would probably be the firing pin (aka "ejector") and/or the firing pin spring.

    Have you tried different ammo? Sometimes ammo on the weak side will have ejection issues with Blowback operated guns. Try NATO spec or +P rated.

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    So, I've replaced all of the mentioned parts and am still having the same issue. Could this be do to a weak recoil spring? I've been researching this topic for some time now and from what I've read a weak recoil spring would actually do the opposite, sending spent shell casings soaring.
  10. At this point you've got nothing to lose by swapping it out.
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    If I was you I'd send it in, you'll get it back completely refurbished like new most likely and for free. Take advantage of the awesome customer service and warrenty they offer, there are very few other manufactures that will do that.
  12. JasonWilliams

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    I actually took the piece of junk apart and refinished it all myself, then replaced just about every part in it, including the magazine. You may be right, if the recoil spring and +p ammo doesn't work then I'm sending it back for repair. I just like to be able to fix things myself, maybe it's time to let go of the pride. LOL! Thanks!
  13. You might want to call them first. I don't think that Hi-Point services Haskells or Stallards anymore.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    They might replace it with a C9...:p
  15. undeRGRound

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    Hope you get it figured out, it's a classic, and with the metal frame and long barrel, it's definitely worth saving. Ajolé is right, they might replace it with a C9 :wah:
  16. Jason, quick question, have you tried different bullet weights, i.e. 125 Gr. or 147 Gr.? Don't remember seeing any posts regarding that-- I've been a handloader for many years, and have seen some weird things in that time, since you have swapped out most of the springs and attending parts, it might be worth giving heavier bullets a shot.
    Just sayin',
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    Good point, when you called and got your parts shipped did they mention anything about sending it in for service? Curious what they say
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    first thing you should've done was try different ammo. Go pick up some cheap 9 mm, some Perfecta, Tula, Aguila, etc, And make sure ur not limp wristing. You could also have somebody else shoot. It should work with Perfecta or Tula.