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  1. I sent in a Stallard JS-9 (curved grip model) into the factory for warranty repair work over six weeks ago and hadn't heard anything from MOM; which -in my experience- is rather unusual.

    I've read here on the forum that Hi-Point is replacing some Stallards with C-9s and was a little concerned; a new C-9 would be okay with me, but if they were going to do that, why the delay?

    So this morning I called and spoke to the service department and the woman I spoke with said they were waiting on the owner to make the mags; that there were six or seven pistols that were waiting for this final step. She double checked and told me that the mags were all made up and that my JS-9 would be shipping on Thursday (10/2).

    I have to say it's mighty impressive that Hi-Point is still backing up their warranty on these older 9mm pistols - to the extent that the owner himself is making up the magazines. I'm sure he's got much better things to do with his time!

    Thanks in advance, Hi-Point!


    This is a pic of what I sent in to Mom. Definitely an earlier generation Stallard (notice the shape of the trigger guard)

    And below is what arrived today. At first I thought Mom sent me the wrong gun because of the different serial number.
    (Heck, I was actually thinking I got one of Melvin's guns!)

    And then I saw the handwritten note.

    I know, I know, pics or it didn't happen. LOL So here it is in all its chromed glory.
    I noticed some dirt on the left side of the trigger, and the grip screw on the left is a tad discolored. To which I say "I don't care, I got a chrome one!"

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah sent a black one, and got a chrome one?:confused:
  4. Yup, that is 100% correct.
  5. SWAGA

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    That's a mistake, you must have gotten mine.....

  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Dang it. Mom always liked you better.:(

    Maybe I need to send a gun in, or something.:confused:
  7. LOL :) Okay, I'll have to agree that Mom has taken a shine to me, what with all that chrome. :p
  8. GoesBang

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    Wow! That is some service.
  9. MachoMelvin

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    PLEASE PLEASE, tell me!
    Which PRAYER did you use to get this?
  10. Melvin, no praying was involved (this time).

    My sweetie thinks it's too big and there's too much chrome to take to the range. The conversation went like this:

    Sweetie: MY but that gun is mighty big, and, err, shiny.
    Me: This is... unbelievable...
    Sweetie: What is?
    Me: I think they sent me the wrong gun... Was the black gun I sent in actually chrome underneath? No they sent the wrong gun! It's not the same serial number.
    Sweetie: Is that a problem?
    Me: It's a gun- not cool to make a mistake. It'll have to go back first thing in the morning. But I've never seen a chrome one, (picking up gun out of the box) so I'm just going to look at it while it's here.
    Sweetie: Oh, brother...
    Me: Wait... wait... they wrote something on the paperwork (which BTW was UNDER the gun).
    Me: Whooo! They meant to sent it! They meant to send it! How cool is THAT?
    Sweetie: Is it worth more?
    Me: Well, it's worth more than the gun I sent in, but no, we're not going to pay off the mortgage if that's what you're thinking.
    Sweetie: Oh, rats. But you do seem to find things that others turn away from, and you turn them into gold...
    Me: Sweetie, I hate to break it to you, but that's CHROME.
    Sweetie: Are you gonna stare at that gun all night?
    Me: Probably....
  11. MachoMelvin

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  12. That makes two of us Stallard Chrome owners :p looks identical to mine!
  13. HiPointArmorer

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    Just gave me an idea, how about a chrome C9 Comp?
  14. You could do it aftermarket, but our Stallards are factory and extremely rare, which is why it is so unreal he got sent a real factory chrome.
  15. Whoa, a chrome C9 Comp would be quite the look - custom or not it would be a sight to behold.
    Dewiejr- yeah I'm still in shock; it totally blew me away.
  16. MachoMelvin

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    Hi Point Nickels are GREAT!

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