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  1. Ok ya'll, lets see if anyone can help me out. I purchased a STAR arms model 30M about a year ago, or more accurately, I purcheased a few necessary parts that will (hopefully) one day be a 30M. anyone know where I can get parts for them? teh only plce I have found is a company in Spain, but due to teh fact taht the dollar is falling faster than a stone, the parts were about one and a half times teh price at the time I inquired. by now they are probably closer to double the price. Anyone know where I can buy the parts I need in teh U.S.?

    btw, this is what I've got already

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  2. already tried Numrich. they list the parts, but they always say out of stock. been checking for about 6 months now, and still no change. from what I heard they bought out all of INTERARMS stock ( they were the importer) but haven't ever gotten new stock in.
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  4. I can't offer more than others have already done, but I have to tip my hat: I love your taste in projects! Good luck, and if the parts fairy comes through, WE WANT PIX! (of the whole process.)
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    I really miss my stainless STAR M45.
    very compact and heavy. I had an extended mag that really made it handle well.
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  7. well, as I said iof all else fails, I can always get the parts from Spain, so when I get everything done, I'll start a topiv on the whole process.
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    Has that thing been through a fire?
  9. honestly, I'm not sure of its history. the old man across teh street does alot of trading, and he happened to acquire the STAR and a marlin Glenfield model 60 .22LR rifle ( was missing most of the stock, the tube mag, and a few other smal arts) in a trade and realy didn't know anything about them there were a few miscellaneous parts that didn't go with the gun, and a screwdriver in there, and he had thought that it was all part of the "kit" he offered them to me for 15 dollars and I bought them, since he was in need of money. I had honestly just given him teh money because he needed it and hadn't planned to do anything with the parts, but when I came across them on top of a shelf in my closet, I decided to try to fix them up.Honestly, I really don't know much about teh internal operation of guns, and I figured that it'd be a good "learning experience" for me. Had I known what I do now about teh avbailability of pars, I'd have just left it up there in the closet, but now that I have my mind set to fix it, I'll have to see it through.
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    I dont know nothing about them: Wish I did, and could point you in the right direction. If you keep up the project, keep us informed! :)