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    I think I've caught Melvin's Flu or Macho's Syndrome or Cic's Sickness because it's turning baaaaaad:

    I've only just gotten my EBR out of layaway Saturday and I already spotted something else interesting in their display case.....
    A Star Firestar 9mm blued, one mag asking price $239.95 but I'm pretty sure I can get them down to maybe $175-$185-ish......

    (Google pic not the actual gun but exactly like it)


    I've done a little Internet browsing, mags are hard to get and run in the $30-$35 range and parts might be a problem.
    I'm liking the ambidextrous safety and according to Internet folklore the 9's were better and didn't suffer any of the cracking of the .40's and .45's
    Allegedly they run better with hotter ammo and anything over the 2,000,000 in serial # doesn't have the firing pin breakage issues.

    What say y'all?

    Keep in mind I'm trying to get my wife to agree to letting a friend sell me her dad's 1911.......

    Maybe I've got Ajole's Affliction...time to check WebMD...:D
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  2. I own a Star Super A, I love the gun, but parts are very difficult to get.

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    NE Utah
    As much as my affliction lets me rationalize odd used guns, I just can't do the Star and Llama stuff, that lack of parts doesn't fill me with confidence, and they don;t fit in my collections.
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  5. had a star 9mm (chrome pearl grips pimped out ) was a good gun hope you like it
  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Not unless you live long enough to have the last working model in existence. Then, it will be worth $242.35 to the right Star collector.

    I mean, they are like HP collectors, they(we) do it because they(we) are cheap.;)
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    I didn't buy it yet lol bit it's on my impulse but list ;)
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    So if it's anything like the 10mm version, when removing the slide the ejector has a habit of flying off into the cosmos if you're not careful. Which my son wasn't. And yes parts are hard to come by. We still can't locate a replacement ejector.
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    Now, that's NOT funny!
    I have mentioned here before that I suffer from Compulsive - Obsessive Disorder. This can be very serious if left unattended! I must limit myself to only 8-10 visit's per week to any firearms related business. Otherwise, my disorder takes over & I end up with 4-5 guns per week!
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    When are you getting a Mosin, Melvin?
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    I've shot the older Star BM (9mm compact). The BM is very easy on recoil. Nice shooter.

    If you get a Star try to accumulate a few spare parts particularity firing pins, extractors, and possibly barrel links. I'm not sure about the Firestar 9mm, but The BM has a barrel link that is subject to breakage. Normally barrels hit the back of the frame, but the Star BM barrels fall short, leaving the full force on the barrel link.

    Numrich also has some parts for various Star firearm models:
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    I have a very nice looking Mosin I picked up a several months ago. I got the Mosin & a JHP-45, 50rds of ammo for a SCCY CPX-2 even up.

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    I really like those Star's, Ive been looking for a "MegaStar" in 10mm they are extinct .

  15. beaglenc

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    I have a Star PD .45 and love it. It is carried and I have complete confidence in it. Put one in your hand someday. I have one that was being sold as a "parts" gun and it is on the shelf and I haven't used a part off it. These are not guns I would run thousands of rounds through.
    Don't dry fire a Star.
    You can find 9mm BM's and "B's" for $200, or less. The Star full sized "B" 9mm was the gun held by Sammy Jackson in Pulp Fiction. Very reliable "B"'s can be found.
    I am looking for the BKM alloy model 9 to pair up with my PD.
    I did fire a bunch of the FireStar series when they first came out. The .45 was quite a brick. If it didn't work, beat 'em to death with it. Some were reliable, some weren't. Some "unreliable" ones could be found on the cheap because their are many folks out there who will not "tinker" with their guns. I like those. it. For $175 if ya can.
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    I like the 8 round mag with the little pinky support but I'm gonna let this one float right now.
    After a day of inner reflection I've decided that I'm going to wait till I get my promotion and my raise.
    If it's still there in a month I'll probably snag it.... or maybe not.....

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  17. I really wish a company would come along and bring back the Star line. Since the original company is defunct there should be no legal issues with making new ones. They are great guns, especially for those who want a compact 9mm 1911 style pistol, as in the BM series. I never liked the firestars when they were availabe, but I have owned several of the supers over the years. Back in the day I could buy them surplus for 100 bucks, and then turn around and sell them for 200. The days of the low cost milsurp pistols is mostly over. Now one can have a keltec for the same price or slightly more than buying most milsurps.
  18. They days of plastic fantastic are here to stay.
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    Did you guys know they produced 1911 clones for the Nazis in 9mm?
  20. Not a big deal for me, that was a long time ago. Though any gun with nazi proof marks would be worth some money.

    I have not seen a nazi Star but I imagine they would not be 1911 clones but Star B models.