Star Trek Fans: Sulu Boldly Goes...

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  1. I think he went publically gay many many years ago. I know that I have known about it for a long time.

    I don't care that he is either. I also don't really care that much about the whole gay marriage thing, as far as I'm concerned, we have much bigger things to worry about.

    Like legalizing drugs and finally winning the war against them by legalizing them and so on.

    I just hope that Sulu is happy, he sure seems it.

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    I personally liked William Shatner's comments when this all came out (pardon the pun) years ago when the media asked him what he thought:

    "Personally, I always thought that the personal lifestyle that would cause the most liability with the productions would be ...well... mine. and everyone knew about it at the time and still do. Surprisingly, they care little about that as well, which is a good thing."
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    Hey, whatever floats your boat. Just dont try and make me like it.
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    Good for them. I've met George a couple of times (Dragoncon, etc.) and he is a genuinely warm and friendly fellow. As others have noted, the whole gay marriage issue needs to be dropped by the social conservatives as we do indeed have real crap to deal with. [/straight but not narrow]
  5. +10000

    That is almost word for word what I was going to say :)
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    But you have to love the Sulu dance!
  7. Man you gotta love youtube. If it ain't on there it ain't worth talking about LOL
  8. Absolutely. I have family and friends in California that have experiences with these guys. The stories about Shatner (sorry folks, no details) are wild. There are no stories about Takei beyond 'he is gay y'know'

    While Shatner might be fun to party with until he has too much...George Takei and his (groom, husband-who knows this protocol?) would be, from what I've heard, pretty good neighbors. :idea: